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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 01:38

Women of Color Leisure Gaziemir

Women of Color Leisure Gaziemir
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Crafts learned the art of paper curling at the request of a student instructor Ülkü Helmet , now teaches women the art of Gaziemir .

İzmir news: Traditional Turkish motifs Helmet review at this art , this branch is experiencing the joy of spreading to the wider environment. This art wall decorations made ​​with paper , jewelry, invitations, book-book cover ornaments are made very cheaply. Photo Bornova Municipality of the Republic District in courses organized by the Houses decades decorative crafts instructor who Ülkü helmet , a different course with women this year comes across trainees. Doing research on the internet at the request of a student's paper curl art'learning Ülkü Helmet , to learn this art and give the training of this art Gaziemir for women to spread .
The first time in the 15th century paper curl art used to decorate the covers of religious books in the nuns at school , the increased use of paper becoming common in Europe. Small colored paper cut into strips meandering defined as the art of curling paper made ​​decorative arts , prevalent in recent years in Turkey, where'paper filigree', also called. One of our country, few representatives of this art Ülkü helmet before reinterprets the Turkey motifs designed with different crafts with the paper curl art now.
This art first met when very excited and came to a level to provide training to develop his helmet , help spread this art Do not put it proud . In courses given before describing the close of the price of trainees material helmet , his work is as follows:\"Paper curl art is done with the material found cheaper anywhere. Undoubtly after disconnecting find we colored paper into half-inch strips we offer as we want the help of our tool . This pieces of paper we give then form the , are sticking with adhesive on the patterns we drew before . we create our work , combining in this way parts. \"Photo main material because it is cheap supplies of the paper curl art paper inviting them to express can be done by each cut, and learning the art of helmet , \"made ​​the papers this art wall decorations, jewelry, invitations, book-book cover ornaments, frames , such as a multi-product can be made very cheaply . anyone learning this art house , the room can decorate the book , \"he said .


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