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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 22:06

Women's Murder Suspect Arrested in Bursa

Women's Murder Suspect Arrested in Bursa
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Angels earlier in the day in the town of Bursa Gemlik Karatas ( 31 ) Old women with knives were killed and Faruk E.'Y (32) were taken into custody for allegedly seriously injuring OY , was arrested by the court .

Bursa news:
information received , according to the Small Shot in the neighborhood drunk a restaurant in front of the events occurring in the Angels Karatas and Faruk E.'Y knives from various parts of the wounds and fled after the incident OY , County Police Department Public Security Bureau teams his strict follow-up arrested and detained in sand in an area of ​​olive groves . Late at night caught and detained suspects district police directorate right to remain silent when using the extensive security measures under the courthouse were shipped.
Here on duty prosecutor's arrest with prompt referred to the court that the person arrested and Bursa sent to prison . The cause of the murder investigation-related , while maintaining that get killed by knife wounds Angel by Karatas his relatives Altintas taken from the forensic medicine institute after the funeral prayer in the mosque and was buried in the cemetery district . In the event of severe injuries and surgeries E. Faruk was learned that the good state of health .

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