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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:38

Women's Response to Israel Konyalı

Women's Response to Israel Konyalı
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Konya Hz.

Konya news: Konya Hz. Hatice Platform members protested Israel's assault on Gaza .
Hz . Lawyers on behalf of Khadija Khadija Platform Cansu enthusiastic , Culture made ​​in the press release in front of the amp . Israel has existed since the day again as it's inhumane practices an end to the continued unabated stated that the group spokesman enthusiastic , \"terrorist state Israel's brutal prepared to initiate humanity , an examinees more faces. Unfortunately, this test only to the Palestinian people a unique test of the error that we are in , \"he said .
Turkey and some Latin American countries silent on the massacre of not , the Islamic countries, quiet and remain insensitive to be painful saying enthusiastic ,\"here Israel and in both persecution supporting and cruelty to countries that call a futile endeavor. because they own their part operate . our me call our Muslim countries , Muslim says everyone is . Muslims have only this island from having prayers to fasting from Islam, some orders place to bring the atoms. become a Muslim as a Muslim stance requires , \"he said .
carried out attacks against Palestinian Muslim countries duty platform that invites enthusiastic spokesman ,\"that we are near the Palestinian people would cry out once more . To pray for all the Muslims of Palestine , are invited to lend our moral and material support . Just use branded products from Israel , forsaking all about it in the community to form a permanent awareness of the effort , we invite you to boycott Israeli goods, \"he said .

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