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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:46

Women's Women's Murder And Violence Prevention

Women's Women's Murder And Violence Prevention
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Afyonkarahisar Bar Association President Av.

Afyonkarahisar news: Brigade Sahin, \"she killings and violence against women \"figure of the reality underlying the increase in the Turkish family disruption and individualism in the structure is to rise to the forefront , he said.
In 2013, 237 in Turkey where women are killed, this number according to statistics in 2014's first 10 months of President Sahin 255 to assess the increase in fighting with this issue , he said only that it is insufficient to increase the penalties that once more seen . Women murder , and one of the biggest causes of violence against women also \"respect and intolerance ,\"he described the President Sahin, \"People from primary school or even should be given respect and tolerance education starting from kindergarten. Feds are already starting with disrespect ,\"he said . The violence against
women most frequent sites of modernization and urbanization said the President Sahin statement indicating that happened where common:Photo \"She broke down the traditional family violence issues and come across rather than in places where creation of a new system is more frequent in oluyor.b event metropolitans . in the past everyone to comply , there was a system in which to accept . this is the east, the west, were the same . Families could be overcome in a way that the problem whether big or small because it is a classic structure. great for families , let aside , nuclear families even now disbanded . Individualism is actually more at the forefront. people have lost control of the environment as they lose self-control . Thus the smallest problem now arises in the form of violence. Financial problems he used to be compensated . Problem could be resolved in a way that's in the family. But it is not now , has changed. The foremost training in the prevention of violence against women and I want to emphasize one more time that is very important . This training should start from childhood , that we would be female killings and violence against women largely into the past . \"

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