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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:49

Wood Carving Works of Artisans Showcase

Wood Carving Works of Artisans Showcase
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Mersin Tarsus \"Wood Carving Art\"Master of the profession have kept Kündek is Nezihi Unal Demirtas opened the exhibition hall into oblivion in order to pass on to future generations.

Mersin news: Photo passes of childhood Istanbul Dolapdere neighborhood \"Wood Carving Master\"and at that time also neighbors of Armenian origin, the profession he learned early age David Sürfülyan improving itself , Nezihi Masters bearing on today with the 37-year study (50 ) , and he did in great effort works opened the exhibition hall . Photo wood Carving Art Master Nezihi Master, \"My job Kündek is one of the techniques used in wood art . Small pieces prepared individually and then combined with the help of strips to form a composition. when used in door wings and pulpit side transom requires a unique technical and difficult labor. I signed under this initiative in order to make the sale and be seen by the citizens of my emerging works. when creating my artwork , walnut, beech, linden , chestnut, I'm using beech and oak trees. meter of this tree is very expensive in this profession it also needs to be able to continue and earn money to buy raw wood . I made new works to reveal the sales were supposed to do some work so I created this exhibition halls . Mersin Mayor Kocamaz the Burhanettin and Tarsus Mayor Shaukat Can happening continued support me , I thank them , \"he said .
Which one is kündek in Tarsus Nezihi Unal Demirtas showroom opening Tarsus Mayor joined with Sevket Can Mersin the Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz \"Now quite difficult to find true artisans today . We are our best support when dealing with art in all areas of our citizens are trying to make their jobs easy . Assigned fading away heirloom professions and craftsmen must support and protect each precise . This support is a method of claiming our culture. I have great patience and requires patience along with fine craftsmanship , this art performers continued its wood carving art Nezihi congratulate our masters , led by the workplace to bring him plenty of gain and I wish to convey to this profession for future generations , \"he said . After the opening of the Photo Travel guests Tarsus Kündek is Nezihi toured the Unal Demirtas exhibition hall . thanking the participants of the opening of the Photo exhibition hall \"Wood Carving \"Art Master Nezihi and you get Unal Demirtas orders on the internet' I'will be found on the address says he added.


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