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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:44

Wood Construction Cay Cay is burned

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In the Municipality of Adiyaman Sümerpark of restaurants at the wooden building fires grew in a short time .

Adıyaman news: Photo Karapınar down Sümerbank Park neighborhood within the Municipality of Adiyaman fire broke out in a wooden building. Early morning in the café or the ignition is switched off Electrobrushes estimated to be caused by a discarded cigarette butts were lots of fire grew short . Single-storey wooden building due to a small fire that soon turned into cafes and restaurants in the fireball . The officer noticed by Enver Kaya Photo Sümerbank Park fire was reported on the 110 team. In spite of the rather short duration event of fire crews flames engulfed the entire wooden building. Meters rises to extinguish the flames was not easy . Brought fire from the heart to the mouth occurs in the middle of huge pine trees. Fire was put out before it leaps from tree yaks few of the others also . After the fire was taken under control of a prolonged intervention of the fire brigade . Business owners watched Zeynal Growers is fighting efforts with great sorrow . Photo Enver rock , he kulübedeyk the fire saw that and said that almost 110 call , said that the fire go outside. Photo Adıyaman The Fire Manager Ahmet Celik, the fire department's time despite the intervention by stating that the wooden structure was completely great damage and that ignited , said fire's exact cause of the output would be made ​​after certain criminal work .
about fire investigation was launched.

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