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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:25

Workers Action Starts

Workers Action Starts
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About 4 months duration of the collective bargaining union members began to protest in front of the factory after a deadlock between zippers and die-casting factory is located in Manisa OSB employer and trade union activity .

Manisa news: Photo Manisa operating in the Organized Industrial Zone Rubin Zipper and Die Casting Factory depending on the disc , which authorized trade unions in the United Metal Workers'Union is about 4 months in the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations were conducted action by workers affiliated to the union and then in front of the factory of the deadlocked . Voice of the union members working in other factories to workers was also to be noticed by employers support. Made any statement by the employer in the action by around 500 workers participated .
Disk-based United Metal Workers'Union Izmir Branch President Ali as related to the action they did Çeltek , \"We are the United Metal Workers as the union since about 4 months Rubin Zipper and Die Casting we are in a struggle to make collective bargaining agreements in the factory. approach the employer has been revealed along with up to the behavior and attitudes today did not bring us to a collective agreement signed point. flexible working proposal has given the same time, artırılmayış of overtime , the interior of annual leave are extremely low bid in artırmayış and fees with the current jackpot by artırmayış workers in the collective bargaining by our union revealed that signed does not point to come . We in have forwarded them to the workplace management . point it reached walking our currently, collective bargaining has resulted in the dispute , \"he said.
, especially the last one month in the past this time this is the main employer is trying to harass the workers with a variety of methods claiming Çeltek , said:Photo \"Our goal is to make collective agreements in this business . We want them to come with flexible working models with low wages approach requires us to slavery legislation. We want to connect this proposal in the context of collective bargaining unions. The resulting point that AndAki a point not to screw this factory. If the operation is currently legal collective bargaining agreement in a dispute decisions need to be taken to a strike here. After the strike will begin the application process. A development of this process , we will share it . \"Photo with music playing in front of the factory workers who took several slogans about 2 hours action. Action ended without incident .


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