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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:45

Workers walked Metropolitan Municipality

Workers walked Metropolitan Municipality
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Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens working in the subcontractor's Office but contracts claim they were exiled by the removed DISC General-Business work for that bit that all Bel-Sen and KESK of Mersin Branch workers, walked to the municipality to protest the Metropolitan Municipality .

Mersin news: Photo on Independence Avenue at noon all Bel-Sen workers gathered in front of Mersin Branch , walked Metropolitan Municipality slogans here. Walking in to the workers, KESK President Lami Ozgen and all Bel-Sen Chairman Erol Omer Salih also gave support. Pre-cut by the Metropolitan Municipality of workers riot police to remain 50 meters, were not allowed to walk more . The interviews were withdrawn as a result of some more policemen and workers did the press release here . All Bel-Sen President Omar Saleh Erol nomination period will represent the people when they descended into the peoples of the mayor , stating that promised they would never make the distinction , \"the task to come with these promises. From anywhere, take votes from the public. People went to the authority given to him when , however, came , creating pressure still on people with political robes , the people's labor is thought-provoking start playing with the vaccine . We effort , since democracy , in favor of peace , we have taken a stand in favor of unity and brotherhood . We say it all the time . But the mayor only are they doing the same thing in many not in Mersin . in particular, there are pressures seriously sharp and keske affiliated unions. today we are here today, tomorrow will be here . our struggle did not start here , where it will end . We were next to the laboring together with the problems of laborers , will be then next . where exile , where rights If we stand with them in violation , we will continue to express them. We did not swear allegiance to anyone until today , we have no political party in the backyard , we did not swear allegiance , we do not . We bend our heads , we will not bend . We will continue to stand by the workers. Here we appeal to the mayor. Let's come you're here , nothing but how many you can not. Have taken the political decision that needs to change immediately . If you do not change , we'll come back tomorrow , we'll be together again with the people of Mersin . This is not only our fellow workers is an attack also made to their families , is an insult , \"he said . Photo KESK President Lami Ozgen the many years stressing that they fight on these issues , \"We are the year we started to fight with all printing until today , exile , detention, we have come today whether to arrest and even fight against unknown perpetrators orientation and then we will continue to struggle. Today Mersin Metropolitan Mayor's why we are here not illegal , undemocratic , its own law, the law of arbitrary counting the constitution and international conventions ever , partizanc is attitude. This attitude of protest and condemn . Hence exiled all Bel-Sen our friends and also the DISC members and other workers also altered the decision on the point of taking office as soon as possible , it must demonstrate attitudes and we reaffirm once again call it. We give the trade union rights and fight . We take as we all agree on the labor confederations and the struggle for democracy . So all Bel-Sen retaining the offense for our friends is not a crime. As a result of decisions taken by our Confederation peacefully in implementing the democratic trade union rights and freedoms, have used their democratic rights action . For this reason , our friend did not commit a crime. Arbitrary and unlawful manner is treated as partizancılıg make them have committed a crime , inequality, injustice emphasizing mayoral and municipal board members has committed a crime. We want to shout out to our friends , our offense is our judgment that the offense of participation in activities and events within the framework that we will continue to work together once again this crime here. We are know very well the mayor. They may not know us , \"he said . After the workers of Photo Talk disbanded without incident .


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