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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:06

Workers were attacked by armed city Maganda

Workers were attacked by armed city Maganda
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Ankara material from the truck to a business district in Altindag Download workers were attacked by armed maganda city .

Ankara news: Photo Events , Altindag Ankara's Sakarya district occurred in the neighborhood of 236 Street . Allegedly , employees 06 EY 4254 T to store the material began to download . These workers saw a person passed by in store , asked where he was going . Party on this, he threatened the employees by swearing . Individuals , employees gathered on the edge of the wall pointing the weapon he exits the waist. One of the workers tried to persuade the person downloading the weapons from the flatbed truck . Employees who benefit from the thoughtfulness of the person , shut the door entering the store. Phones news that party friends , armed trucks and attacked by throwing stones with the arrival of friends . Sleeping in the truck's cab driver , seeing the stones from glass down from his truck fled the store . Workers called the police in the reservoir . Many police came to the scene , launched the operation to arrest the person . Against the use of firearms by persons wearing police body armor 3 person teams caught the knife on them , while one person was able to escape . Police at the scene found empty bullet shells .
Truck's driver, saying that the animosity before the party , \"was forced to flee reservation weapon to my friends. I was sleeping inside the truck . Sound is heard I got down . To attack with the car, weapons and stone they started . we have no animosity , the first time we see individuals , \"he said . Photo 3 suspects in police statements to the police station to be taking a while , work is underway to arrest a fleeing person .

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