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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:07

Working from the frenetic Tatvan Municipality

Working from the frenetic Tatvan Municipality
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Bitlis Tatvan Municipality, which has become a problem in the county for many years and is causing many people to become a victim of \"development , and disaster contiguous area code'as it continues its work to solve the problems began .

Bitlis news: Photo Reconstruction, adjacent areas and disaster giving information to journalists about the code AK Party Tatvan Mayor Fattah Al, the district has continued to work to open the development of the Rahvan the site , said:\"Our District was obvious administrative boundaries, but adjacent area boundaries were unclear. Adjacent areas our borders would end immediately after passing the site Industry . We made our plan zoning 1/25000 we call development plans during this time. our area currently is contiguous Güroymak we call the three Ways locality, we brought the Tatvan and Bitlis crossroads , \"he said .
Environment and they prepared the urban Development Ministry \"locality development \"plan approved stated that President Al, \"Culture and Our negotiations with the Ministry of Tourism to come to the end stage. and a very important environmental plan we also 1/100000 , we met with the Ministry of Tourism and adjacent areas as well as environmental final decision had little time to plan. in this study the development of our county , which is available after the east-west axis we intend to finish our zoning corridor towards the three Ways . In this respect , our work continues. We have an obstacle course on this subject. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry had declared this area as the consolidation area . We have made our application required the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock and the authorities. Our objections made in the consolidation area for the removal of was accepted. Mr. Minister gave instructions. Currently we file the scope of the Council of Ministers relating to the consolidation of this area came to a position to be sent to the Board . There after you remove these barriers will open direct reconstruction. Unfortunately everywhere in the city has become a central concrete block condition. We will prepare an absolutely beautiful urban development plan showing a nice example in this area . Gangrene had our disaster code Tatvan'ı continue our search for solutions to the problem . The most beautiful and our 7 neighborhood near the beach facing the scourge of disasters . In 1994-95 there was a rise of Lake Van . This rise was increased to 1655 from mütevellit disaster code . In fact, the water was rising so . 20 years have passed since that day we could not get rid of this disaster is still in trouble. We had a study about it. Currently working AFAD Presidency sent to the Council of Ministers Secretariat about it . We have met with the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry , we continue to call. I hope we can remove the scourge Hopefully this disaster , citizens will be able to repair the structures at least in this region. We will not let up when natural disasters to multi-storey buildings along the beach. Lake , from every point of the city to make it look like we will prepare a development plan that right twice to the upper part of the city , starting from the coast then we will bring a form of order up to five times as three times . In the end stage of our work on this issue . We expect the opening for signature at the Council of Ministers . Finally , we begin to open our way to the opening in the city center but it seems development plans. So far, we have opened new avenues up to 3 kilometers , \"he said .

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