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  • 08 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 10:40

Workplace Stress the 'New in İyimserlik'l

Workplace Stress the 'New in İyimserlik'l
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Sign Canacik Industrial Psychologist, workplace stress in the best way to defeat now said to be optimistic.

Adana news: Sign Canacik Industrial Psychologist, workplace stress in the best way to defeat now said to be optimistic.
Canacik business life that many people remain under stress, but we spend a significant part of our lives we live in the workplace can deal with negativity noted. Canacik in the workplace, stress sources, as we think, not be enough time or workload, whether the stress we live once around the first accused, things we can usually work itself difficulties arising from that stated.
Work, our approach is actually implemented our approach is very similar describing Canacik the switch"optimism"that in the world of research showed it, said:"Life outlook optimistic, negativity high level of tolerance of people with short and long term, much higher performers and difficulty of the work of the complaint rather than to business challenges with love all that you can shows the results,"he said.
Canacik, optimistic of the hardest profession success in the capture and manage stress which people pointed out that said:
"What we're doing or we choose the profession, our capabilities more appropriate, the job is so easy and fast that we can do and high-performance turns out that. 'to do birthplace do the job 'a phrase he has, that is very true. you born to do the job that you're here then more with less effort show superior performance can. Extrovert, meet new people and influence people-loving person sales or customer relations, moving and more energetic structure, while those in the field consistently able to travel a work successful and is happy. their ideas for structure, the individual enjoyed working people who, develop projects, computer software, such as to produce individual studies success can reach and business life enjoyed can do."
Canacik employees manage very well need to analyze, emphasizing the"workplace of your job stressful becomes the cause of the people around you can. So study your friends that host among those people stressful Who could it be? Business of us fitness and stress our relationship with the main factors affecting one of the managers are taking place. Managers throughout the day job source will experience stress reduction or increase with the power. O panic if we panic we are, morale more quickly deteriorates and later we will recover. So your job, your ability to appropriate and still stress if you live, why your manager's own job stress you reflect it may be,"he said .
Managers perspective on life, our positive or negative thoughts have the power voicing Canacik, the challenges are tolerant to a manager's"We can do this, the challenges we can overcome,"he teams can motivate you, low tolerance of a manager is negative in many cases"Everything is going very badly, you can not do anything properly,"he accused his team, he said. Canacik,"Otherwise, your manager your abilities or you what motivates you may not know. You use your skills, rather than being good enough in the areas improvement leads you may have. Performed research, employees and their capabilities are improved in line demonstrates the need. This means that, to be successful you or be capable to manage the areas you may have to show, it can take a bit to convince her that,"he said.
Canacik business capabilities unsuitable and overall outlook on life negatively of people who work caused by the stress in coping more that they have trouble, manage their own and the team's stress better manage failing at them when added to the stress of the elements on the person, the longer-term they can be underlined continued as follows:
"stress protection he will be fine. Important stress, which is how to deal that. Difficulty tolerance to increase our stress management easy for us. stress the good manager with a manager to work, work stress and easier to deal provides us. necessary, break give ourselves to take the time with friends, come together and share valuable, yet the stress of managing other paths. however the best method, the ability to comply with our choice of profession is. If it's too late for the our business with our ability compatible parts, emphasizing manage our help and guidance crave, stress It helps us to manage."

Workplace Stress the 'New in İyimserlik'l" comments for.


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