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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 13:40

World Asthma Day May 6

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Nineteen May University Faculty of Medicine.

Nineteen May University Faculty of Medicine. Lecturer , Department of Chest Hospital , Central Black Sea Turkish Thoracic Society Branch President Assoc. Dr. . Oguz long in Turkey, approximately every 12-13 adults and 7-8 children suffering from asthma is one of the said.
\"World Asthma Day on May 6 \"thus made ​​a statement Assoc. Dr. . Oguz Long, \"Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease and recurrent shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness and cough symptoms show itself. Worldwide, approximately 235-300 million asthmatic patients is estimated . Our country approximately every 12-13 adults and is one of 7-8 one child had asthma . asthma prevalence is increasing. goal of asthma treatment of the disease to be controlled and supplied this situation be maintained is . around the world , as well as our country treatment of this disease associated with all the necessary medicines and supplies are available. appropriate drug therapy by asthmatics to daily life due to illness of any restriction can continue without up . asthmatic patients to be under control , daytime asthma symptom absence , nocturnal asthma due to not wake up the disease, treating and keeps under control the drugs , while using the rapid-acting bronchodilator drugs require the absence of breath measurements at normal levels is the daily tasks without hindrance can be made is, \"he said.
\"Asthma completely under control, number of patients increases every day, but still at the desired level is not , \"said Long, gave the following information:\"The present four asthmatic one year once you are admitted to the emergency room due to an asthma attack . Among the factors that complicate asthma control with the right techniques and regular use of medications , as well as cigarette smoke, allergens , exposure to triggers, such as chemicals and obesity can be considered. In our country, more than 10 percent of patients with asthma is still smoking and that 40 to 30 percent-was reported to be obese . Smoking cessation and weight reduction of obese patients , has been shown to improve asthma control .
Global Initiative for Asthma ( ) continued under the leadership of World Asthma Day activities and with other efforts in this regard ; The importance of asthma explained, disease control and are trying to create awareness about the concept . In adults, labor , causing a decrease in school attendance in children , particularly for patients with this disease , including patients'relatives , health care providers and pharmacists to inform is important. World Health Organization established events on the roof GARD Turkey , Turkish Thoracic Society and National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society of Turkey and the Ministry of Health in collaboration this year many patients in many provinces of our country will organize training sessions . Several provinces in the stands will be set up in shopping malls brochures will be distributed associated with asthma ; informational meetings will be held regularly with the doctor's control and with drug therapy will be highlighted with asthma can live their lives without being constrained .'Control your asthma can get the slogan'and'Now your asthma under control time'sub-slogan 6 May 2014 World Asthma Day all over the world as well as in our country to do these activities , patients , relatives and all interested are invited. \"

World Asthma Day May 6" comments for.


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