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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:43

World Asthma Day May 6

World Asthma Day May 6
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Zonguldak Deputy Director of Public Health Dr .

Zonguldak news: Zonguldak Deputy Director of Public Health Dr . Ozkan Albas World Asthma Day on May 6 was due to a press release .
Albas said in a statement said:
\"asthma worldwide, approximately 300 million people are estimated to affect a serious public health issue. our country approximately every 100 adults, 5 or 7 , each of 100 children 13 to 15 in the is seen . individuals of all ages , which may affect the correct treatment can be controlled , unsuccessful in controlling the daily activities severely curtailed which chronic (chronic ) disease. asthma , airway narrowing manifested by and episodes ( crises ) that comes in is a disease . patients attacks between themselves feel better . airways in asthma in the non-microbial inflammation are . therefore airway wall swollen and oedematous . these cases the lungs to stimuli hypersensitive would result . dust , smoke, odor stimuli such immediately with cough , shortness of breath and chest tightness as complaints arise. Recession contraction of muscles surrounding the airways , increased edema and swelling , progressive inflammation of the airway wall thickens . A viscous mucus secretions from glands in the airways ( excretion-phlegm) is released . All this is significantly narrowed air passages and air out of the lungs is inhibited. This increased cough , shortness of breath , wheezing , wheezing presents itself with . Involved in the development of asthma are certain risk factors . Why some people in the community to arise with asthma , and some have been observed can be explained by these risk factors . Allergic asthma causes 70 percent of 30 percent is the cause recurrent infections ; Allergic asthma is the basic structure of the genetic disorder. At a young age is one of the most common cause of asthma is allergy. The main causes of asthma are allergic to house dust , pollen , pets and mold fungi . Allergens, cigarette smoke, air pollution, pollen , house dust mites , colds, respiratory infections such as influenza , various odors and gases are the most important factors that exposes crisis . Patients allergic asthma ; Allergens, viral infections, exposure to allergens, air pollution and domestic treatment, the first step of reduction is possible . The emergence of asthma and smoking a proven
acuations faktördür.ann and father of smokers is expected to increase the incidence of asthma in children is a condition . Early diagnosis is very important in asthma . Immediate diagnosis can be prevented from becoming a chronic disease of asthma . Early detection can be applied quite easily to many blood, skin and respiratory tests are . Asthma is a disease that can be controlled with treatment today . Regular drug use and control of physicians in this treatment are the most important factor . Therefore, patients should collaborate with physicians . Triggers should recognize and avoid them . Should use their medicines regularly . \"

World Asthma Day May 6" comments for.


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