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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:44

World Asthma Day May 6

World Asthma Day May 6
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Public Health Director Dr. Adiyaman .

Adıyaman news: Public Health Director Dr. Adiyaman . Mustafa Kutlu, respiratory disease is asthma , bouts with shortness of breath , dry cough style manifested itself stated that complaint .
Public Health Director Dr. Adiyaman . Mustafa Kutlu , May 6, found the statement on World Asthma Day . All ages may occur in this disease more common in childhood , pointed out that Mustafa Kutlu in the world and in our country this disease associated with treatment all the necessary medicines and treatment that there are underlined .
Asthma The exact cause is not certain, said Kutlu , \"Generally Accepted congenital windpipe, in susceptible individuals environmental conditions with the effect of asthma is made . indoor and outdoor air pollution , allergens and professions ( painting , carpentry, hairdressing ) the most common risk factors. asthma characteristic of bronchial edema caused by the contraction that occurs due to intermittent shortness of breath. this condition can be hereditary , but infections , allergies and emotional factors may play a role , \"he said .
asthma 80 percent of the daily life of this disease negatively affected , but so 40-45 as a high rate of part an optimistic mind disease Happy is noted that control thought , \"said the night or in the morning in patients with recurrent bouts of wheezing , chest discomfort, cough and shortness of breath symptoms occur. Asthma is the most important issue in early diagnosis . Personal history of the disease at diagnosis is the most important thing . Symptoms resolved spontaneously or with treatment is accompanied by airway obstruction . However, the disease can be controlled with appropriate treatment , \"he said .
Kutlu said:
\"The goal of asthma treatment ; patient's symptoms by controlling the normal daily life must go back to , pulmonary function tests as much as possible close to normal levels , keeping prevent attacks , medication side effects , avoid trigger factors to fight to the patient with the necessary training to give and mortality is to prevent .
Smoking in asthma revealing is a factor. The patient should be protected from contact with the cigarette smoke . Stove, furnace fuel , fried oils, room sprays, paints and varnishes caused by gases, should be avoided by ensuring good ventilation . With irritants in the home environment cleaning should be done .
As a result of asthma patients take their treatment regularly and avoidance of risk factors , especially smoking are needed. \"

World Asthma Day May 6" comments for.


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