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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 14:08

World, competing with walnuts

World, competing with walnuts
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Meets approximately 8 percent of the world production of walnuts, Turkey, the United States largest producer after China and ranks third in the list of countries.

of 2010, according to FAO data, 844 thousand hectares of the world, 2 million 555 thousand tons walnut are produced .

The first place in the production of 1 million 61 thousand tons, while production in China, we, respectively, 457 thousand tons and 178 thousand tons in the United States followed by Turkey. World walnut acres on the basis of the average yield ranged from 240 to 300 kg shows.

Walnut production in Turkey, a stable, watching the last 10 years due to the support given by walnut production increased by 52.7 per cent, 2011 183 thousand 240 tons in output.

Turkish walnut production in 2012 is estimated to be at the level of 194 thousand 298 tons.

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