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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:02

World Famous Circus Festival in Şanlıurfa in Eurasia

World Famous Circus Festival in Şanlıurfa in Eurasia
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From Şanlıurfa Municipality with the support of the International Eurasian Circus show to be presented during a public holiday was declared .

Şanlıurfa news:
International Eurasian Circus, on October 11-12 hours; At 14.00 , at 16.00 , 18.00 and 20.00 , 08-09-10 October Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 18:00 and 20:00 in the Piazza shopping center into the parking lot of the show will offer a giant circus tent .
the traditional theatrical arts to disappear on their way to the ring to introduce the Atlas Circus Community ; Ip canbazlıg , the Parendebazlık , Ateşbazlık , acrobats as intangible cultural heritage under the theatrical arts , as well as clowns, magicians, high air shows, cute animals and a giant python with wherever he went , especially children and families with intense interest is encountering .
In Turkey the first circus , the founder of Wealth Yalcin , the statement, \"For us , millennium up to a cultural legacy inherited from the traditional performing artists and rope canbazer the completely real heroes consisting of an entertainment culture, the main actors were . they actually our lives hidden heroes , anonymous laborers were the . Campbell playing with courage, self-confidence , perseverance and patience that was the real heroes, from the 15th century many European cities have done in demonstrations today's world circus to the formation of very large have contributed . modern circus performed in many shows and origin of the Sumerian , Hittite, and ancient Anatolian civilizations , \"he said . < br/> the project's founder, artistic director and community theater artists Servet Yalcin, \"Anatolian Civilizations and folk festivals of the performing arts of the theatrical elements are very important for our imported . Canbazlıg circus arts such as rope is one of the elements of this spectacle . This is our art , canbazhane of the villages , they do show toured from town to town with all of Anatolia lived up to the 1970s, and in the future become history with the concept of entertainment has radically changed . This lost art collected on the documents, information , miniatures, engravings and old photographs on the basis of the established \"Seyirlik Arts Show\"in modern society, past and future together with art that connects a cultural bridge acts , \"he said .
Servet Yalcin statement,\"the city of Şanlıurfa first once in 2005, is acquainted with the Eurasian Circus . But the circus arts are living in these lands hundreds or even thousands of years . During the Ottoman Empire , especially during holidays and festivals in the canbazer , jugglers , tricksters the ateşbaz the yılanbaz entertain the public , and they provide a breathtaking display . Contrary to common belief circus arts is one of our most important cultural heritage . We circus arts always necessary importance that the people of Sanliurfa and their contribution Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Celalettin Guvenc Bey us Sanliurfa , inviting nice to meet the occasion , Piazza Mall management would like to thank , \"he said .
This authentic show family , all art lovers who want to share with their children stating that they expect to show Servet Yalcin, Şanlıurfalılardan celebrated the feast and festival , as in ancient times , said they wanted to cheer circus .


World Famous Circus Festival in Şanlıurfa in Eurasia" comments for.


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