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  • 17 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 11:29

World Famous Stars Adana in Burma

World Famous Stars Adana in Burma
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21th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, the world-renowned The OC

Adana news: 21th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, the world-renowned The OC sequence star Mischa Barton , Adana Mayor Hüseyin Oral's wife, Zeynep Oral Adana torsion was a gift
Adana Metropolitan Municipality is the 21st Golden Boll Film Festival from Adana in Turkey for many years notation, the rest of the world-famous the OC ( Orance Country ) in a series of Marissa Copper portrayed the character Mischa Barton , the city from the people saw intense interest .
Central Park held at the festival's opening participating in the program and on the red carpet walking London-born , British-Irish descent , US citizen, Mischa Barton , remains HiltonSa in the hotel , Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Oral and his wife, Zeynep Oral by a local surprise was performed.
Zeynep Oral , Mischa Barton blue beaded Adana Burma wore . Adana traditionally given to the bride and female guests a gift that said Zeynep Oral , was extremely happy to see him in Adana said. Zeynep Oral , Mischa Barton re Adana desire to see what was expressed.
Zeynep Oral and President Hussein Oral gentle movements to thank the Mischa Barton , Golden Boll Film Festival fantastic find and a large number of cinema star in an event where , due to be knowledgeable about Turkish Sineması'yl also said he was very happy .

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