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  • 19 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 11:53

World heritage in this gallery

World heritage in this gallery
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Kara Gallery of Çankaya Municipality, 'World Heritage' photography exhibition titled art brings in Ankara.

Uygarlığı'ndan Guatemala Maya, Mexico, Easter Island, Chile, and Argentina in the Patagonian glaciers extending the exhibition can be seen between 25 October to 13 November 2013 inclusive.

Merttopçuoğlu'nun Mechanical Engineer and exhibition of photographs by photographer Osman, who has a history of mysterious, Easter Island is reached by a long and tiring journeys, then the poles of the earth, including the largest glaciers in Chile and Argentina, many scientists in the field of advanced study in art and cultural heritage of their known surviving to the ancient Mayan civilization consists of a wide spectrum.

İ 1965 Merttopçuoğlu Osman who was born in Istanbul in 1987, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Bogazici University. Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 1990, earned a doctorate in 1998. Photo, Ankara Photographers Association in 1992, the artist Mehmet Arslan The Trust 'Basic Photography' courses starting Merttopçuoğlu, received awards in various competitions, participated in group exhibitions, photographs and interviews published in magazines, photo projects made jury member.

Artist, Nepal, India, Iran, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Egypt, China, Argentina, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand consisting of photographs taken trips' travels I , II, III 'and' Chile ',' Egypt 'is exhibited many times in shows. 'Easter Island', 'Ada Colors', 'travels', 'Maya World', 'Oldest to Newest' is exhibited in solo exhibitions at home and abroad while.

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