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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:38

World's Finest Mandarins of the Season Begins

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The world's best quality of Seferihisar district of İzmir, where Satsuma mandarins grown tangerine season began in 2014.

İzmir news: Photo world's highest quality Satsuma mandarins grown in Seferihisar which began tangerine season of 2014 . Start with together on November 16 Season 15 Mandarin Festival will be held .
\" SEASON was fruitful \"established under the leadership Photo Seferihisar Municipality Mandarin Producer Association and transferred to the producers'associations were bought by the municipality Processing and Packaging first-hand about a hundred manufacturers are marketing the mandarins in the facility . New season , however, entering into an intensive study period Seferihisar Mandarin Manufacturers Association Business Manager Özay Ali said that they estimate will be more productive than the last year of the 2014 season . Özay \"This year, our goods compared to last year's yields and better quality . We have increased our sales volume according to our market compared to last year . But this year we have a little recession in our domestic market. We have increased our sales abroad to overcome this. Firstly , including Russia and Ukraine we do our sales and sent to Russia, our first time this year tır'ı \"he said.
\" REAL IZMIR MANDARIN the popular oN \"to meet the expectations of
manufacturer indicates that they are to complete all the infrastructure work özay it continued as follows:\"Last year, than you're better off in safe tangerine intake, but the amount of consumption in the domestic market shortage into a difficult sales reduce the tangerine production. we are working in foreign markets in order to overcome it. tangerine with plenty of vitamin C during the winter season , our expectations of the consumer too much to consume and are not in demand in the real Izmir tangerine . \"Özay January, that as tangerine segments and processing time of the end , said:\"Seferihisar Municipality building to continue as cold storage storage time of the product after implementation will increase increased marketing power ,\"he said .

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