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  • 24 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 09:10

World's First Start zurna Festival

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In Muğla , first performed last year zurna Festival was held this year at the international level .

In Muğla , first performed last year zurna Festival was held this year at the international level . Muğla Municipality zurna made ​​by the International Festival as well as Turkey , Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Greece clarion clarion masters recital offered to the audience .
guest of honor of the three-day International zurna Turkish Folk Music Festival's famous name Arif Sag , while Prof. Hinge Şadan gokovali Amphitheatre festival in Istanbul deputy Umut Oran , Istanbul deputy Nurettin Demir, the Metropolitan Mayor Osman Gure's , Hinge Governor Zeki Arslan, Beds Mayor Hasmet Light and about 2 thousand 500 people attended.
Festival Speaking at the opening Muğla Municipality Chairman Osman Gure Turkey's and the world's first zurna realized last year that the festival this year, the international dimension and the second move , he said.
Balkans and Europe in the geography clarion different names referred explaining Gürün, said:\"We also geography, the first flutes festival to realize we were off . This is the second year we have realized our festival in Greece, Bulgaria and brother of our country from Azerbaijan in attendance . upcoming years both countries on the basis of these numbers , both in terms of participation will continue to increase \"
zurna festival began with Selim Ozyol . Selim Ozyol well with Mugla Dibekderesi Mesut Külahlı , Gaziantep Battal Sazcı from Azerbaijan Shirzad Fataliyev , Beyoğlu Hasan from Cagan , Mugla Dibekderesi Veli Akay, Bulgaria Samir Kurtova , Greece Chirtos Karakostas two the lower part of the scene .
was accompanied by Arif Sag DRUMS
the first day of the last two flutes artists from Erzurum only the first part of Erhan invited to the stage after Arif Sag had . Arif Sag , Ertan Tekin, accompanied by drums , while the final stage of Manisa Turgutlu'ya Arif Khalil Çokyürekl also accompanied by drums right after the show received great applause .

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