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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:09

World's Largest Producer of Turkey Salmon Market

World's Largest Producer of Turkey Salmon Market
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The world's largest salmon producer, the Norwegian Marine Harvest', Turkey entered the market.

İstanbul news: Marine Harvest Chairman Ole Eirik Leroy, \"Our goal is first to become the market leader in Turkey , followed by the annual 100 grams per capita salmon consumption to remove 10 kilograms ,\"he said . Photo previously sold products in Turkey Marine Harvest , this time entered the market with their office directly . To operate in Turkey have long expressed their desire Marine Harvest Chairman Leroy, \"we see that the demand for salmon farms worldwide increases every day and meet the demands of our business . Has a relatively short history of the salmon market in Turkey. However, in 1990 in the'Alarko , when you try to do farming in the Black Sea market good growth caught . We that still a good potential of Turkey salmon market and we believe will grow much faster in the coming year. \"Photo \"healthy , durable , GREEN \"
the world's sustainable and productive environment produced in a safe, healthy and delicious food needs to be pointed out that Leroy, the seafood stressed that the potential to deliver the food. The food needed by the general population in the world is covered with water, one third only pointed out that the meeting of the sea of 2 percent Leroy, in order to feed the rapidly growing population of the world that needs to change this statement edefrek said:\"aquaculture with our investment in research and development as Marine Harvest area we develop . salmon is one of the world's fastest growing source of protein . Healthy, product durable and delicious that the global trend in a very convenient besin.tüketici have to be eating-cooking terms , as well as being a simple product , also very compatible with different eating habits. on the other while production is also environmentally friendly. for example, a weight amount of water needed to produce salmon, one-tenth the amount of water needed to produce a pound of beef. also for salmon health beneficial . next decade doctor will ask if they consume aquaculture how smokers week . US 84 thousand Americans each year, according to a survey by consuming enough seafood to die . Overall seafood, particularly salmon, in this respect also offers a unique contribution to human health. \"Photo \"TURKEY DE SALMON CONSUMPTION OF WINTER PER YEAR 100 GRAMS \"Photo Marine Harvest Chairman Ole Eirik Leroy, \"Our goal is to become the market leader in Turkey before , then salmon with an annual per capita consumption of 100 grams to 10 kilograms remove . Buy salmon only we import in Turkey will not , processing, product development, and we will do the value-added products to produce work , \"he said . Photo LIGHT:\"TURKEY'< strong> DE CLIMATE AND SEA CONDITIONS OF PRODUCTION ENGEL \"
Marine Harvest Turkey General Manager Bülent light on Turkey's annual fresh salmon imports stating that about 7 thousand 500 tons , 3 thousand 600 tons of import target of 2015 , the turnover target is also 55 million climate of salmon production in açıkladı.türkiye and sea conditions is not possible because of the light , indicating that they will therefore establish a farm , \"we cover the 48.5 percent of the market currently . I hope that this ratio rapidly will rise , \"he said .
in 1965 to operate in the city of Bergen, Norway began Marine Harvest world's largest Atlantic salmon producer . Salmon production in Norway Ireland, Scotland , Chile, Canada and performs in marine farms in the Islands Faroe marine Harvest is the world's 24 country offices , has 10 thousand 600 employees. it produces salmon, marine Harvest shares are consumed in more than 60 countries around the world Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) traded . 2013, 343 thousand 800 tons of salmon, Marine Harvest produce $ 2.8 billion in revenue , will produce 414 thousand tons in 2014, expects a turnover of $ 3.4 billion from the salmon.

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