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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:24

World Science Centers Summit show the Mehter

World Science Centers Summit show the Mehter
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North Africa , Middle East, USA and Europe with the participation of science centers in North Africa and the Middle East Science Centers Association , which hosted the 4th symposium BTM , has managed to attract the world's attention to Bursa.

Bursa news: Photo Merino AKKM symposium gala dinner held in the mood for a great feast was held . 2nd day evening began with a show of Bursa Science and Technology mehter night held at the Centre team . Shows starting in the center of the foyer area, about 60 guests who attended the symposium from 4 different continents and 14 different countries led to the introduction of Ottoman culture. The opening ceremony continued with his show of sword, shield team. Photo BTM General Coordinator Rifat Minister, \"we're working on for 5 years project , to accept guests 12 thousand square meters of its own building since last year began Bursa Science and Technology Center in the world of science point of pride that I have come across centers. Initially support is no time to be missing from the BTM project Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe , the labor Names symposium regulating President Mujbil Almutawa and the organization said thank you to all the BTM team. \"Photo previously whether research , for example they take the US , Europe and science centers in the Middle East executives of major importance stated that the Minister Mani meet in Bursa , \"Now to talk about the spring of science and standing on their feet , expressing the precious words to say to the world , we came to a position. Turkey from future Bursa ago to mind when you think of the science center , \"he said . Photo Night , painter Mohamed Baktimur's \"Surrogates \"opening of the exhibition , Bursa Lösev Regional Coordinator Füsun Emecan stone painting exhibition and workshops , Lights Military Air School jet engines and painting exhibition , Busmek of marbling and china painting activities , and Karagöz show, the show continued with science . Gala dinner on Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin also attended.


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