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  • 25 Ocak 2013, Cuma 13:53

Would you like your partner to wear corset?

Would you like your partner to wear corset?
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years, women, swollen breasts, cut back on the cake, düzleştirdiler bellies, breasts dikleştirdiler, kaldırttılar hips, back and shoulder regions of the oils to sleep under the knife for concealed and none was required. A little trick has also increased enough:corset.

in the men's belt! Corsets for women, producing brands for men began to produce similar products, and such products are sold in Turkey. However, your partner wants to wear the brace you , how would you feel?

I'm concerned, this trend does not mean anything. There is a reasonable reason for women to wear corsets:Beauty, a part of our DNA. We feel the pressure to look beautiful, much higher than that of men, rightly, which is ultimately what we're all just Eşimizin to be beautiful, but at the same time pay attention to what you think other women. Therefore, we control the appearance of all points of view, and we want to make sure that everything is in place, and our bodies have to apply for assistance if you are staying for narrowing your underwear, why not!

The men, no matter how you care about how they look, not spend much time in front of the mirror a minute."It showed my hips look big?"Such a question does not engage their heads. I'm not saying that they are not bothered images of men, but the women on this issue are not so attentive. Personally, I prefer to keep it that way.

you is to keep this trend? So, what do you feel or your partner starts to wear corsets?

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