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  • 27 Ocak 2015, Salı 12:46

Write Perfect Skin Secrets of Conjunction

Write Perfect Skin Secrets of Conjunction
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The long summer days we expect frowned arrived ! We need to keep our skin care even more important. Need to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun , as well as glowing health , we need to revise our cleansing and moisturizing routine to have radiant skin . Write to having an amazing skin Want to know the easiest formula ?


Purify the first !

When entering the summer , the accumulated during the winter months our skin , our first goal is to get rid of dead skin cells ! Before starting to appear on our beach bag with tan you are wishing we apply our body two or three times a week and peeling process will be much more permanent. Write to the level of moisture in our skin scorching hot fall , after every bath a must, you must use a moisturizing our body type.


inside as well as outside to raise the humidity level in our body need to do supplements . For this, we need at least eight glasses a day of water. Also from dead cells in our face , we can get through peeling once or twice a week will apply . Moisten your house possible, aloe vera, almond , we can choose a natural moisturizer that contains jojoba or shea butter .


T in your Gold Sparkle

If you are a natural tan this summer in advance , you will be our first recommendation is to throw away your sunscreen last year remain . Stale as a sunscreen will protect you from the sun , your skin may cause allergic reactions . Appropriate protection factor of a healthy tan skin type you must use sunscreen and do not forget to refresh often . There is nothing worse than take a holiday in a burnt skin pain.


Do not worry if you do not make it to the holidays! You can have a natural-looking tan with a few practical makeup tricks . If you wish you can add a glow to your face type with tanning cream miracle. Gold, a blush in peach and bronze tones , the protruding part of your face , that your cheekbones , you get a natural tan if you apply gently to your nose and forehead . You can also tan you are wishing you a sexy touch of fashion again this year with lip gloss in shades of pink .

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living in Istanbul Tamarisk Stars , particular culture, art and focusing on issues related to women's lifestyle , worked in many companies a editor and writer.

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