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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 12:12

X-ray of the livestock sector will be captured

X-ray of the livestock sector will be captured
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South Marmara Development Agency ( GMK ) has voiced support for projects related to rural development Altıeylül municipality directly under the support activities.

Balıkesir news: The project will be drawn Altıeylül x-ray of the livestock sector in the district . Photo GMKA , has announced the results of Direct Business Support application . Çanakkale result in the application on October 27 at the Board of Directors meeting concluded Eighteen Mart University of Çanakkale , Balıkesir Altıeylül , Direct Business Support Frame of Dursunbey and Municipal Applications were accepted . Following the adoption of the project was laid by the first signatures Altıeylül Municipality . Direct Business Support Agency will improve the competitiveness of the South Marmara Region and to accelerate regional development, mission-critical feasibility, includes references towards the realization of research and planning. Altıeylül Municipality signed with Altıeylül Livestock Sector Master Plan of Action Project with the dairy industry in the district women's key role undertaken to investigate the socio-economic status , located in dairy cattle in the livestock sector in Altıeylül limit is aimed to contribute to the socio-economic development of the business . Developing strategies to strengthen the competitive structure of the company in Altıeylül limits the study to be carried out under the project , promoting the application of these aspects , environmental health in dairy cattle breeding and aims to reveal the interaction. All companies are exposed to their current status in all stakeholders and competition within the industry with research still to be done , by developing joint strategies in disadvantaged issue is aimed to contribute to the formation of the correct technique of industry practice.
< Strong> ORDER RURAL DEVELOPMENT Photo South Marmara Development Agency services speaking at the project signing ceremony held in the building Altıeylül Mayor Intelligence Kafaoğl of them that there are four main axes in the strategic plan prepared by the Municipality is one of the rural development, it is for the previous project many of our institutional capacity to increase only after the countryside and weight to urban development said they would . South Marmara Development Agency Deputy Secretary General for the contribution they give to livestock Esra Kocabaş the project by thanking the Altıeylül Municipality , the project added output livestock are the leading sectors of our region and he will be an important infrastructure support to the production said.

X-ray of the livestock sector will be captured" comments for.


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