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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:08

Yakutia Municipality City Council Women's Council of 4 year old

Yakutia Municipality City Council Women's Council of 4 year old
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Yakutia Municipality City Council Women's Assembly President Asst.

Erzurum news: Yakutia Municipality City Council Women's Assembly President Asst. Assoc. Dr. City Ergüney , the council recently held a meeting about the work of women . Photo of City Council building , executive board member speaking at a meeting attended by Ergüney , Yakutia Municipality stated that celebrate the 4th year of the City Council Women's Assembly . Photo Final stating that they met for consultation with the executive committee members at the meeting Ergüney , \"remaining we had a full our 4 years. founded in October of 2010 as the first in the women's councils , working groups were formed , women's training group, women, and arts and culture working group , women's policy working group and women's health working group was created. then visit political party provincial head were . 8 March International Women's Day , we organized 18 March elderly weeks due to various events. 8 March events in line Palandöken to go no earlier women , we ran a ski resort and we organized a barbecue party . \"he said.
2011. Atatürk University POSITION in Women Ergüney stating that research and focus on efforts to establish Application Center , in this direction decision is presented to the university rector , and was reminded that the center of the establishment .
against women international fight against violence and indicating that the solidarity day due to buses in banners hung Ergüney , he also declared that they have organized a conference on this issue. Selecting the Turkish Women on
December 5, 1934 on selected reminiscent of the right Ergüney said they also organize various activities on this important day . Assoc on women's health for women in photo Dumlu and Dadaşköy neighborhood. Dr. Eve Ozkan, Prof. Eda Karabulutlu , Assoc . Dr. Ayse indicating seminars by Okanl Ergüney , E Type Closed Prison in said they organize Christmas entertainment bulunarak visit to female detainees . Photo Woman council executive board member of Zeynep is held diction courses by Bayraktutan also reminiscent of Ergüney , reminded participants receive a certificate finished the course.
Consumer weeks due to executive board member John İspirli by the regulated consumer seminar for women also reminiscent of Ergüney , said that the awareness-raising and training activities aim effectively resume . cut and then 4th Year pastries Photo speech , women's council executive committee task thank the women were given the document area .

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