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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:55

Yakutiye's Diner , Bakery Under Control

Yakutiye's Diner , Bakery Under Control
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Yakutia Municipal Police Department teams conducted 25 separate audits in the workplace .

Erzurum news: Yakutia Municipal Police Department teams conducted 25 separate audits in the workplace . Seven restaurants, one bakery , one kiln criminal procedures were performed. Control of the Police Department officials indicating that done by region , stated that considering the smallest deficiency . Fines can be up to five thousand pounds reminding the authorities \"on issues of concern to human health will not be condoned anyone ,\"they said .
Yakutia Mayor Ali Korkut with instructions district boundaries operating in restaurants, bakeries , bakery and similar places of production control begins Police Directorate teams , hygiene, complying with the rules , various flaws that nine workplace various penalties have applied . Municipal Police Directorate teams located in county limits 21 restaurants, three bakeries and one in the oven controls did . As a result of the audit conducted Failure to comply with hygiene rules , which contain evidence of the factors affecting human health , manufacturing and dirty in the kitchen due to excessive rates of criminal procedure has been applied to many workplaces . Municipal Police Department officials , \"Mayor Ali Korkut instructions regularly in accordance with county boundaries of our human-oriented manufacturing workshops, restaurants, pastry shops , bakeries control will do. Human health concern in any area leniency will not have . Hygiene rules do not meet the health playing places will not give . Our goal is continuous audits of our people get the services of the places to be healthier , complacency in service is to ensure \"as they talked .
the audit of the county people's healthy and getting quality services targeted stating that Ali Korkut \"Police teams to our precise instructions this point is . our people that provide services , food ate , drank tea production businesses, households that will keep constantly under control . Working with our owners, our people trusted to comply with the rules , will serve healthy , \"he said.

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