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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:41

Yalova from the VIP 2 Transfer

Yalova from the VIP 2 Transfer
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2. Turkey Women's Basketball League ( TKB2L ) which competes in Yalova Group VIP Gençlikspor American actress Raven Gray and bushes grown from Fenerbahçe's infrastructure has added to Lance Corporal staff.

Yalova news: 2014-2015 season at the end of Turkey Women's Basketball 1 who want to quit the League Yalova representative has transferred 2 new players . Appalachian in
US State Universty team and the 2013-2014 season, played in the VIP Gençlikspor born in 1990 and 165 centimeters in the neck Gary playmaker joined the rotation in the new season of Yalova team. Yalova Sign Privates VIP Gençlikspor Another transfer is finally Bursa Metropolitan FC was wearing a uniform . Fenerbahce after it has grown from infrastructure sweat the uniform of yellow blue team born in 1988. Players once at the Presidential Cup, Turkey Cup, Turkey league championship , Stars and Little Miss Istanbul Champion, 2 times a youth lived in Turkey 2nd place . Guard Lance Corporal Adana Aski playing in the position in his career , Edremit FC, Forest Youth , he played in the Harran University. 2. Turkey Women's Basketball League last season, the young players under team jerseys of Bursa 9.3 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3,1 assists average was secure . Indicating that the play-off to stay in Yalova Photo Target VIP Gençlikspor başantrenörü Murat Constructive \"2 players in the transfer season , adding to our more staff we strengthen our rotation we have increased our well quality. Turkey Women's Basketball 2nd League to aim the play-offs in the Group . the new transfer our American actress Raven Gray last year he struggled with us . If Burcu Erbaş quality is obvious. has grown from Fenerbahce he played in important infrastructure and team . I wish the best to our team in the second transfer , \"he said .

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