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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:09

Yalova President of the Bar Association has selected Hakan Gergeroğlu

Yalova President of the Bar Association has selected Hakan Gergeroğlu
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Yalova after the General Assembly held in Baroda Bar Association president Hakan been 117 Gergeroğlu was elected to the position .

Yalova news: Gergeroğlu , between the years of 2014-2016 will be headed to the bar in Yalova .
Yalova Bar Association with 140 members and a new president went to the polls on behalf of the board of directors to determine . Avenue Plaza is located in the Fatih Asmaz Bar Association Meeting held in Yalova in Congress between the years 2012-2014 he served as Chairman of the Bar Association are expected Cevdet not run for president again . Hakan Gergeroğlu participated as the sole candidate for congress silence and began with the reading of the National Anthem . Then the Court was constituted . Bar Association members unanimously Court President Nuri İzgi, Vice President İlhami Tunalı and Clerk Date to the John Tarr with Berk İşcan selected.
Congress Yalova Bar Association chaired Cevdet wait while farewell speech was . Yalova Bar Association second period to lead the experienced the happiness of voicing Bar Association President Cevdet Wait , \"This general assembly separate counts. Because our own building our first general meeting . Here Baroda all colleagues two periods this honorable task they gave me thanks a lot for I would . course, this process is missing in our and our mistakes might have been . this for anyone else , I apologize . But I know I want to let these errors and deficiencies , none of not intentional . during this time, everyone act fairly and equally tried to . example, vocational training, seminars and meetings we have a lack has . that we are aware of . But the new administration our this our lack of organized training programs that will close by the belief that I have full . Baroda our behalf of institutionalization significant progress has come . Bunda all of us and the support there . today we received the flag would be elected president our friend're turning . New Bar our Chairman Hakan Gergeroğlu the this flag will move further believe with all my heart . I wish success to the new administration , \"he said .
Referring to the High Council Elections Wait ,\"Turkey is in the middle of their environment . The other day the High Council elections were held . But regretfully I would like to say for the first time in our country, state and judicial entered this highly intertwined . Such a politicization of the judiciary , the judicial system has been undermined . Bar Association to sue the administrative authority was taken away . Buddha authorized to act on behalf of the community to be our means of , \"he said .
Given by the Faculty of Law also criticized the quality of legal education is expected ,\"a rather low quality of the education of the Faculty of Law . This unqualified lawyers, prosecutors and judges disposed of tasks causes . Thus, the legal system every day niteliksizleşiy \"he said.
After the speech transmission due Yalova Bar Association dismissed from 5 to a lawyer , including former Yalova Attorney General Unal Karabeyoğlu also where and bar new record to the 22 lawyers names were read.
Yalova Bar Association 2012-2014 between the years of its operations and account reports also after reading the elections took place. elections used in 120 games , 117 receiving Hakan Gergeroğlu Yalova Bar Association President elected , the Board comprises the following names took place:
Murat Sarısoy (98) , John Engine Bilgiç (72), Hasan Behçet's Orhan ( 71) , Life Peters Appendix A (68), Virgo Ozcelik ( 68), Utku Plumb (64 ), Mert Gurel (64), Genghis Aladdin ( 55)
Disciplinary Board < br/> Mustafa Kalender (95) , Selvet Smoke (87), Hamdi Thin (60 )
Supervisory Board
Shafiq Ali (104) , Jasmine Pasin (96) , Sercan Turan (67)
Bar Association Delegation BAT
Ali Rose (74) and Mehmet Yaman (46).

Yalova President of the Bar Association has selected Hakan Gergeroğlu" comments for.


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