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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:40

Yalova Super Amateur League

Yalova Super Amateur League
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Super Amateur League in the 2nd week of Yalova in the field Yeşilova Çiftlikköy that guests Belediyespor , goal scoring duel 5-4'lük the winner was able to leave .

Yalova news:
Çiftlikköy County stadium fight Çiftlikköy Belediyespor 2 President Kenan Peters and the Board of Directors of the Okan Guney , as well as , ASKF Yalova President Tamer Erbul , YTSO President Tahsin Becan , Yalovaspor President Hakan Suiçmez , YEŞİLOVASPOR President Turan Ages names like followed. Çiftlikköy , red and black two different Aytaç in their struggle fell backwards (4) and Elijah was able to pass his opponent's goals . Çiftlikköy team's third goal also managed to .
Guest Yesilova fight Murat, Principles , Vedat , Genghis , Personal , Mustafa Emre Aydin, Fatih , Abraham, Sedat came out with 11 . If Belediyespor Çiftlikköy Erman, Yavuz , Emre Erkan, Hussein Rashid , free, dawn , Aytac, Ilkay , Elijah took his place on the field with 11 .
YEŞİLOVASPOR began to encounter fast . 5 minutes on a free kick from the left front of the ball carom Individual finds hard hit ball between the keeper Erman's gaze went to the net . (0-1) after 3 minutes of this golden sudden attack Yesilova pass thrown Emre to put your feet up , the ball goes into the net by the keeper Erman mislead second goal was written as Yesilova . (0-2)
consecutive two golden Çiftlikköy Belediyespor'un then started printing . 11 minutes of free direct hitting his shot went wide right . Ilkay entering the penalty area after 15 minutes to empty the front çalımlarla , hard shot that the keeper Murat Yesilova slapped a corner . 23 minutes earned a corner shot in the head in front of the front pole Emre, the ball went wide over the bar .
Closed Yesilova defense despite the expected goal arrived after 28 minutes . Faced with the goalkeeper Murat pass Aytac Collar, fast acting Çiftlikköy Belediyespor'un touched and flipped the first goal . (2-1)
39 point penalty from the right to the free Aytac volley the ball off the goal post. Murat outstanding defense in the hands of the keeper stayed . Use of Elijah's right after 42 minutes before a corner kick goalkeeper Murat Captain Hussein's head struck the ball bouncing Aytac Çiftlikköy grabbed a draw when you finish . (2-2 )
45 Dawn of the hardest hit in front of the penalty area , the defense came out hitting the ball to a corner . Used in the 46th minute corner kick from the right side to clear by the keeper punched the ball Murat thought. Bloopers hit the ball about 30 feet from the advent of free networks, met with the perfect shot . (3-2)
closed the first half with Çiftlikköy team's 3-2 advantage . The second half started quickly this time, the host side was Çiftlikköy Belediyespor . After 51 minutes , turning over Aytac shot from the penalty arc , went round leather auta . 54 Çiftlikköy attack coming in from the left, middle Huseyin Emre's head lowered , the keeper his shot from the floor to the arrival of Elijah Murat came from the hands missed the score 4-2 . 57 minutes in , the referee penalty , considering the movement of the goalkeeper earned by Murata shot using the Aytac, the score moved to 5-2 . 77 minutes free pasında ball Aytaç missile upper pole went wide.
84 thriving Yesilova attack from the left side contains the overlay Fatih , two players one after the penalty shot him in the team's third goal noted. (5-3) in 88 developing Çiftlikköy attack
free hard shot from the upper pole of the right diagonally back.
Yeşilova's fourth goal came in the 90th . Nizamettin won a free kick close to the corner of the dam hit and met with top networks . ( 5-4) Match with great joy by the end of the host team with fans who shared this enthusiasm .


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