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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:00

Yara Acquires Osmanlısp

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PTT 1 Gaziantep Metropolitan Osmanlısp the field in the league in a 2-2 draw with FC.

Ankara news: press conference after the match Photo Speaking at the meeting Osmanlısp Technical Director Osman Özköylü , \"I'm so upset. A team like us that have caught the 2-0 advantage and the opponent 10 people left a team match is not a joke if I told jokes to this point the dream say I do not dream unfortunately true and truth face we face, \"he said .
\"Indeed, I am so sorry , I can not find something to talk about , \"said Özköylü , said:Photo \"is not enough to be sorry , not enough to be angry. Match entirely our fault to come to this point. 90 minutes along we eat 2 goals in the match to bed where our keeper in a match that we do not position the opponent. Indeed very interesting. Top bizdeyk which are loss-making two balls , we are eating goal from the throw-in . it's interesting things happening on the pitch, inning that was his . My very smoking racks and a match burning my life It was . It became very upset our football friends about it. But it does not come back with anything but sad. sometimes I need to do something one hundred percent on the field . so 2-0 is zero when the match he did not end , he did not end match competitors 10 people thick . We received a very painful lesson in this match . \"Photo opponent's side of the ball from set pieces and have a chance to throw another touchdown voicing Özköylü ,\"Unfortunately, we have a single Amoeba points. So the player's quality, superiority in aerial ball , forcing us seriously in the sense of physical superiority . We we doing everything on the field during a match, but it is very unfortunate , ridiculous we had two goals and we missed a very important advantage as a result , \"he said .
\"Football will never forget in my life will be one of the match , \"said Özköylü , the finished by saying:Photo \"What I would like to congratulate our friends also let the players . Struggling in a very good area , and do not play any position , but unfortunately had a Osmanlısp opponent who eat 2 goals joke. Everyone is very sad, corrupt everyone's morale. National match between ourselves pack up , revise whatever our shortcoming will look in front of us . \"Photo Gaziantep Metropolitan CEPHESİErdemir said
Gaziantep Metropolitan FC Technical Director Hakan Kutlu also present two strong teams struggled . Happy what all because of Gaziantep Metropolitan conclusions Belediyespor'un get the first 7 weeks to PTT 1 may seem in the bottom row of the league that a team set up to go to a higher league but he said get unlucky results. Photo Osmanlıspor 2 years Happy playing without disturbing the staff and the only undefeated team in the league stating that , \"We're balanced, had a position before we enter , resulting in unexpected results if we would be different. Later he entered the position Osmanlısp scored . The first half includes a draw could go . Our idea was to meet Osmanlıspor bit further ahead in the second half . But unfortunately we had 10 people . Then there are some changes we've made , the substitutions they make a great contribution , \"he said. Kutlu says it is not easy to translators of the match after the 2-0 against
Osmanlıspor , \"Once you start Task away Orduspor win and today's draw in the first 7 weeks down he shot a team helped morale and motivation . Now more work to go to a top league goal , we first tried to enter the first 6 to capture and then between the first two teams , \"he said .

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