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  • 10 Ocak 2013, Perşembe 11:40

YDS OSYM new release!

YDS OSYM new release!
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SSPC President Prof. Dr. John Smith, Foreign Language Placement Test (YDS) and wondered Concerned replied ...

SSPC President Prof. Dr. Ali Demir YDS will do 2 times a year by combining the name of voicing Iron, the first exam will be on April 7, the second planned to test in the month of October, he said.


YDS'nin place to express in 23 languages ​​Iron, examination German, Arabic, French, English and Russian for the second time in a year, in the spring of each year, he said, was for languages ​​other than it is.

ÖSYM exam in September last year that 2 million 850 thousand island reminiscent of the iron, The number of candidates has reached a total of 300 thousand NSS KPDS and even said it will not create problems for them.

KPDS and NSS will continue voicing the validity of iron, ' ' current TOEFL and NSS validity of the new arrivals will continue and will be YDS'ye. YDS'nin going to do this year, KPDS and UDS will ensure that the eşdeğerlilikte. Therefore, the transition to this exam will not be a problem,'' he said.

Number of questions, while they do work related to the content of expression and the iron, YDS'nin will share characteristics of both stressed the exam.


YDS with the aim to move somewhere more qualified foreign language placement exams voicing Iron,'' I think as a period of transition. ÖSYM voice of the coming years bir'sesli question-and-answer ',' video question-and-voice cevap'şeklinde started to work for the exam held in electronic form. Combine to want to move there, we organized collection of power'' he said.

YDS'nin whether a specific validity period, which represents a continuous current of iron,'' however, their requests institutions define the line while. It is time to pay a foreign language, such as KPDS 5 years,'' he said.

OSYM statements of equivalency of foreign languages ​​on the website YDS to Underlining that will be available on Iron, ' ' YDS, to a single area, such as TOEFL. But the question of course content, health sciences, natural sciences and social sciences will be to cover. NSS as we did, a health sciences, social sciences, natural sciences and prepare test. I'm already up to 50 per cent in the last two years, part of the common questions that our NSS'' he said.


Medical Specialization Examination of the candidates YDS points that they can choose if an adequate level of iron, If they can not get enough points they can not choose TUS'ta noted that even if they are successful.

State Personnel Department stating that they are to prepare a protocol with the iron, the candidates KPSS score YDS said they want to score calculated by taking into consideration.

YDS, TOEFL, and an exam with the common features of NSS will test candidates' knowledge level to be Underlining that the grievances would not be in the form or style of working of iron,'' You do not need to worry about. Candidates for this exam as prepared in the same KPDS or NSS will succeed hazırlandıklarında exam smoothly. Reflects the contents of this exam sample questions in the coming days already and will be an announcement revealing that different from the others,'' he said.

'''' Do not want to enter into an examination of the candidates except LYS-5

Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS), foreign language test is different from the scope of the striking LYS-5-Iron,'' LYS LYS-5 at the candidates as 1-2-3 based and university placements will give LYS-5. We do not want to enter an examination of the candidates except LYS-5,'' he said.

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