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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:57

(Yes Special Report ) 41 years old 41 Grain Cat

(Yes Special Report ) 41 years old 41 Grain Cat
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Unable to have children of Sultan Arıcıoğlu in Kahramanmaras , eliminating this longing has come out with cats fed the 4 years.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo 6 kilometers away from Kahramanmaras Haydarbey in the neighborhood ( old Tekerek village) residing Arıcıoğlu Sultan , known as the mother of the cat. Cat Photo to \"Snow \", \"nuts \", \"Peanuts \", \"dork \"\"Life ,\"\"Taming \"names like that Sultan Arıcıoğlu , said the cat family to 7 the number participating in more offspring that 41 to exit . Photo uncomfortable Noting that Sultan Arıcıoğlu their neighbors from time to time due to a higher number of cats, until she died of love for animals would continue .
dogs and chicken feeds Sultan Arıcıoğlu outside the cat, \"New pups I have 41 one cat with . We could not have children . We're giving our cats we love. owned the cat came to my house 4 years ago . I raised them . Numbers increased every year. Cats consumes 20 kilograms of chicken meat a week. I left names all of them. it was our new puppy . not afraid of cats. they can carry . first I did not want my neighbors but in the end they were accepted . I want to come with everyone's animals. No animals are fasting . Because of my love for cats in the neighborhood would be known as the mother of the cat. It does not bother me at all. My wife's father is called Ramadan Arıcıoğlu cats . We are proud . With our love of animals with my wife was unemployed with job. God helped . My wife never gave up despite being unemployed in terms of cats. My wife, our cat crossing state owned business which started to look better , \"he said .

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