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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:06

Yeşilay'l in Erzurum Days ...

Yeşilay'l in Erzurum Days ...
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Temperance Society in Erzurum, Turkey has initiated its activities .

Erzurum news: In recent days, Erzurum Green Crescent Branch general meeting that performs Mustafa Erinkarl led by new management efforts began to speed up .
After the General Assembly Mustafa Erinkarlı under the chairmanship consisting Temperance Erzurum Branch Board of Directors at the assistant president Ali Osman Kavaklı, secretary Ramazan Demir , Sword and Yavuz Ayyıldız Bünyamin the treasurer were elected to membership . Temperance Erzurum branch audit to the Board of Grain Aykut , memberships de Jalal Bayraktar and Şerafettin Majid chosen names were .
President Mustafa Erinkarl , Erzurum a new formation in be happy , said addiction to combat effectively to work as soon as possible should with civil society organizations as well as government agencies to work together to take action , he said.
Temperance Erzurum Branch Vice President Ali Osman Kavaklı , Erzurum addiction in the fight against this formation of a revolutionary move , that work more effectively for the execution of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality to work with offices to demand relevant negotiations continued and soon Temperance branch bureau attain said.
Board Member Yavuz Ayyıldız the Erzurum branch as they exit the holy road together, save all they can be invaluable to a happiness excitement already lived noted.
Temperance management next week in Erzurum, public institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations to seek support at the point of visiting co-operation .

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