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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 12:31

Yield forecasts are confusing in the nuts

Yield forecasts are confusing in the nuts
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Hazelnut harvest in 2014, estimated at work manufacturers , exporters was also confusing .

Giresun news: Hazelnut harvest in 2014, estimated at work manufacturers , exporters was also confusing . Nuts have a say in every institution has announced the harvest forecast figures holding each other . Hazelnut
estimated 371 thousand tons in 2014 as the first harvest from Turkey Union of Chambers of Agriculture , while the Exporters Association estimate harvest 613 thousand tons were also found. Nuts Nuts largest contingent of manufacturers in the Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union envisages harvest 450 thousand tons of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry announced the harvest estimate was 412 thousand tons .
of different harvest with estimates Commenting on the Giresun Commodity Exchange President Mustafa Demirci \"Estimated yield in the description the more errors falling Turkey Chambers of Agriculture will be . because earlier in the description of it we have seen examples . This year will matter in 2004 disasters until the hazelnuts a natural disaster occurred. Besides planting area expanded. Nevertheless, Turkey Chambers of Agriculture Union announced figures from 2004 are lower. Agricultural Chambers grounds on which , according to figures announced understand are having difficulty . Scientific data is obvious. here the most realistic figures Exporters Association'we see the forecast . therefore it adversely affect the prices of domestic and foreign market is nuts , \"he said .
hazelnut harvest estimates a discrepancy indicating that the Giresun Chamber of Agriculture President Musa Sharp \"Turkey Chambers of Agriculture 371 thousand tons , Agriculture and Livestock Ministry 412 thousand tons , Fiskobirlik 450 thousand tons , Exporters Union 500 thousand tons of explanations are . All of these inconsistencies in the figures the market will also occur manufacturers are concerned about the price , \"he said . Market speculation is not to create
actual harvest yields in order to estimate stated that the disclosure of the Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union President Lutfi Bayraktar , defended their predictions . FİSKOBİRLİK Chairman Bayraktar, \"Our goal at the very most be less than what is not . Our aim will consist balance supply and demand forecast is to be able . Accordingly, our estimates correspond to 450 thousand tons in a yield is the expectation . However, previously as we have stated the real problem yields the different figures is not that . Actual problems of Turkey in the world have a monopoly on a product that is caught without stock , \"he said .

Yield forecasts are confusing in the nuts" comments for.


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