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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:15

Yıldız Holding Giant Buying

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Ulker roofing company , Yıldız Holding bought the world's sixth largest biscuit manufacturer United Biscuits .

İstanbul news: Yıldız Holding, through this process , the world rose to number three biscuit company.
Last six years, the world's premium chocolate brands from Godiva and the US-established confectionery company demet's'within the fold Stars Holding , the biggest step of globalization for United with Biscuits scored . Yıldız Holding , is a period of time in sales British biscuits and snack company United purchase agreement with Biscuits . Photo Blackstone and PAI purchase that United Biscuits, owner of the private equity funds in the process of Yıldız Holding HSBC and Celebrities \u0026 Co. was mediated by . Deloitte , process, Yıldız Holding, financial advisory services , while Linklaters and YükselKarkınKüçük companies also provided legal advice. Yıldız Holding , which has exercised the Godiva and United independent management model in which successful results in Biscuits is planning to implementation. Photo founded in Scotland in 1830, Carr's with mcvitti to Price and MacFarlane Lang born United Biscuits seven of the merger in 1948 there are 14 factories , including in the UK. Company in the UK 4613 , outside the UK a total of 2,558 employees, including 7,171 available. The company's sales by the end of 2013 amounted to 1 billion 146 million pounds .
This is the main business of purchasing the biscuits and snacks position in the market, which will further strengthen Yıldız Holding , additional production capacities, new markets, both the company's distribution channels and new will continue to grow its existing businesses and products. Both companies will complement each product and market structure, and United Biscuits as well as Ulker qualified to make more successful in international markets. Photo Yıldız Holding , United Biscuits leader is in a position , as well as the UK , Africa and India , France, Belgium and the Netherlands will get an opportunity to increase its market share in Europe. The United Biscuits , Turkey, Middle East , North America, in markets such as China and Japan where Yildiz Holding will get the chance to grow . In addition, both companies , R \u0026 D and to strengthen its competitive advantage by combining new product development experience and knowledge .
in 1944 , from United Biscuits set out four years ago with Yildiz Holding Ulker Pötibör , it moves with the 70th year of purchase on the world's third largest manufacturer of biscuits rose to the position. The acquisition by speaking about Yıldız Holding Chairman Murat Ülker , \"Nohutçu workshop in Han year only on the basis of this journey which began producing 200 pounds of biscuits my dad and my uncle lies in the following philosophy:\"work tirelessly before the foundation of success , integrity and quality production revenue. \"This philosophy , 70 years has not only made ​​us the brand of Turkey, was allow us to open to the world ,\"he said . Photo Yıldız Holding is always focus on what it does best , the growth policy also noted that they do not give up this strategy Ulker, said \"food is our main business. all investments we made was carried out in line to have a say in the world in this field. made ​​in the context Godiva and say's the same strategy had two important investments. United Biscuits was also a good opportunity at this point. We wanted to evaluate this opportunity. this is sized not only for the purchase of Yıldız Holding , I see this as a significant win for our country. I think the same way, many of these shareholders will benefit from United Biscuits change. As strong as the company is less than that in the market Yıldız Holding strong , there are some products in the industrial know-how , our superiority . \"Photo ABOUT UNITED Biscuit Photo 26 percent in the UK biscuit market nearest 3 are solid companies in the competitor with the share on a serious export in recent years and made ​​the move into new markets . Five years ago, only 5 percent of its sales in England and companies get from markets outside of North Europe, percent of revenue at the end of 2013. 15's were able to get the new market. the company , the UK and Northern Europe, Saudi among the largest markets outside of Arabia, India, has Nigeria and Australia. regions with the highest growth potential in markets abroad, while Africa, the Middle East and eyes as China stands out.
founded in 1830, McVitie \u0026 Price's MacFarlane founded in 1948 by the merger with Lang United Biscuits , adding to the many brands within the 66-year journey has reached today. In 1962, Crawford's Biscuits and MacDonald's Biscuits in 1965 , 1967, British cereal producer Meredith \u0026 Drew , 1990 in the Netherlands's leading biscuit and confectionery company Verkade and 1998, Campbell Soup Company also Delacre the United biscuits came under the umbrella .
66 years the world's sixth largest biscuit manufacturer United Biscuits has already managed to become leader, was born and raised in the UK market . France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland in European countries such as taking second place. Before you buy while maintaining Mondelez leadership in the world biscuits market , Kellogg second , Campbell's Soup third , Nestle fourth , PepsiCo fifth and United Biscuits took sixth place . Photo Queen Elizabeth's birthday and grandson Prince William's wedding cake holding in his hand as many brands who McVities United Biscuits has currently 20 major brand . The most famous brands include McVitie's, Jacob's , Delacre , twiglets , BN, Go ahead, Sultana, Penguin, Carr's , Verkade , delichoc , Mini Cheddars and a Jaffa Cakes .
United Biscuits existing product portfolio , Stars of snacks that support the vision of global leadership in the field pointing to Yildiz Holding for Financial Affairs , Dr. Cem Karakas , \"China, India and United with our growth strategy in the African market Biscuits already qualified to complementary operations in these countries. The company , the UK and year showed an average of about 19.4 percent growth from 2011 to 2014 in international markets outside of North Europe. 2017 in the year , predicts annual growth of about 16 percent on average . these predictions are important criteria for us was the purchase , \"he said .
UNITED BISCUIT FIGURES Photo Total sales ; 1 billion 146 million pounds by 2013 .
His production countries ; England, France, Holland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia , Nigeria, India Photo Factory number; Photo 14 Number of employees ; Photo 7 thousand 171 major brands ; McVitie's Digestives , McVitie's Jaffa Cakes , McVitie's Hobnobs , Jacobs Crackers , Carr's , Mini Cheddars , Go Ahead Photo UNITED BISCUIT BRAND Photo McVitie's Biscuits produced since 1830 . Digestive branded products from your favorite . Products used together McVitie's Chocolate Digestives biscuits and chocolate , consumed over 71 million packages each year . The Hobnobs The brand has been around since 1985 .
Jacob's:the UK's fastest-selling crackers . There are many different versions of the cheese to whole-grain varieties . Children will choose the way existing cracker production . Photo twiglets:Whole wheat products . Mini and has seasonal packages. Photo BN:indispensable category of Snack sandwich biscuit brand . Photo Go ahead !:released in 1996 ; was a leader in the healthy biscuit category. There are diet products. ( Yogurt Breaks, Crispy Fruit Slices , Fruit Bakes and Fruity Wafers ) Photo Sultana:'Most Sustainable Introduction'2009 award-winning . Belgium and Germany is mostly preferred in the market. Healthy snacks between meals and snacks is doing . Photo Penguin:Chocolate biscuits segment in second place in the UK. One of the UK's most established brands . 79 years on the market . Partners with WWF for the protection of the Penguins \"Protect the Penguins \"in the name are conducting a social responsibility project . Photo Mini Cheddar:Cheese snacks . Onions have BBQ flavored varieties. A brand of choice for a lot of families with mini length . They produce with sunflower oil market in 2006 drove a healthy format .
Carr's:Premium brand crackers . (Carr's Table Water, Carr's Melts range, Carr's Selections and Carr's Nibbles ) Photo McVitie's Jaffa Cakes fourth largest brand in the biscuit markets in the UK. Photo Delacre was founded in 1870 ; premium Belgian biscuit . Photo Verkade:started production in 1886 . There are varieties of biscuits and chocolates under the brand . (Biscuits:San Francisco, Café Noir, Knappertjes , Nizza and Maria)

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