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  • 21 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 12:41

Yıldız Technical University of electricity produced from bacteria

Yıldız Technical University of electricity produced from bacteria
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The team's project will be never-ending dream of biological batteries.

Yildiz Technical University, Professor at the Faculty. Dr. Bestamin Özkaya and his team managed to burn the lamp led electricity produced in bacteria.

Yildiz Technical University, a team of faculty members, has signed an interesting project. Yildiz Technical University Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering. Dr. Bestamin Özkaya developed under the leadership of the project is an important step in the field of renewable energy is disposed provided. has the distinction of being the first project in Turkey, YTÜ'lü bacteria, scientists managed to produce electrical energy. The two pieces of 500 thousand pounds by TUBITAK support continuing the project for about 5 years. Inoculated with bacteria replicated in the laboratory from the base of the Golden Horn. Sticky Thread bacteria breeding in the reactor during the purification process, the system tried to exert their energy storage.


project manager Professor. Dr. Özkaya, environmentally friendly alternative sources of environmental pollution have reached dangerous proportions stressed is compelling. Özkaya,"the most important role in the production process of disposing of waste falls bacteria located on the property. Thanks to the energy storage mechanism is used to exposing them. Domestic waste water by providing direct electrical current producing fermentation of organic matter in waste water."He said.

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