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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:17

Yıldızsp is , Right Agree With Lions

Yıldızsp is , Right Agree With Lions
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Aydin's leading club Yıldızsp of infrastructure , Sports Schools experienced coach Rights Coordinator brought the Lions .

Aydın news: Sports Schools thousand students within the target was removed . Right in Yıldızspor team that comes to mind when we say the infrastructure in Photo Aydin began Aslan period. Working in a very professional team , finally running the team Aydin Masters Association Lion, underlining that come to a foreign community. Indicating that the Lion Yıldızsp such an important club itself is happy because of bringing such a task , \"There were times I did coaching in Yıldızspor . I am familiar with the Community. Yıldızspor's move and hope for Turkish football transmitter. Sport the number of students for the School thousand to raise the target was made. we will strive for this goal. we will endeavor to remove from our site our quality athletes , \"he said . Photo Yıldızspor amateur Noting consider professional despite being a club Yıldızsp President Rock Ozcan, \"grow to need our professional thinking . Infrastructure coordinator Ayhan teacher too we have agreed more with the Right mentor to thrust loads. experienced and a name we know . Contact will benefit. infrastructure will bring a better place , \"he said . Photo Ozcan, while said they would endeavor to bring a good place to infrastructure , as players able to superstructure stated that they intend to remove .

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