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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:02

Yilmaz Fitr Message from Deputy

Yilmaz Fitr Message from Deputy
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AK Party deputy of Erzurum Yilmaz , a congratulatory message on the occasion of Qadr published .

Erzurum news: AK Party deputy of Erzurum Yilmaz , a congratulatory message on the occasion of Qadr published .
Yilmaz said in the message ; \"Minister , Sha'ban and Ramadan month importance of enhancing features one of the great holy night this month is that there are . Regaib and Laylat night Recep months , Berat night of Sha'ban , the Night of Qadr in the month of Ramadan to bless and mercy of the peak has moved . Today ; believed a realm of the same feelings or combining our Lord we salvation to open the door to an exceptional day cognizance we have been . Almighty our book \"a thousand months better \"is reported to be Qadr , Quran Holy Koran ( Duhan in sura ) and named described is the one night . all mankind with guidance the Qur'an'moment of the Koran begins downloading the prayer and repentance be accepted , which merit a ride is given a blessed nights .
Allah \"on a month's sultan \"blessed month of Ramadan , individual and societal our lives , so the world into our lives as for the material and spiritual blessings bestowed , for our salvation in the Hereafter also bestows great deals . Qadr comes at the beginning of this opportunity . Reward unlimited given as the Night of Power in the Islamic world as a god Almighty's infinite mercy and forgiveness access to our largest heartfelt wish .
These feelings and thoughts , of the Islamic world , and all our citizens Kadir night congratulate tonight made ​​in the prayers of unity and to the strengthening of solidarity , to stop the bloodshed in Palestine humanity to live in peace and to be instrumental in the realization of world peace from Almighty Allah would supplicate . \"

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