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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:18

You and the Governor until President Erdogan visits from UAVs

You and the Governor until President Erdogan visits from UAVs
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Ihlas News Agency (IHA) Corum Regional Director Bülent Özkalel and UAV Pike County reporter Ozan Acar , Lance Governor and Mayor Ali Erdogan visited the Smart Sen authorities .

Çorum news:
During the visit, UAVs about the work of Governor Erdogan and President Sen providing information UAV Regional Director Bülent Özkalel , the UAV all over the world as well as in Kargı also the work carried communicate the about their responsibilities to fulfill said that . Lance news UAV through the local and national media , including the entire world served Noting Özkalel , \"the Agency local media in order to support some of the projects we are taking ,\"he said .
Mayor Zeki Sen, UAVs, Turkey's is one of the oldest and most powerful agency said. In the district of studies UAV instantly through Corum and the national media take place in voicing Sen,'For this reason, UAV accurate, unbiased and a quick understanding of journalism with the well-established and powerful news agency is one of the saying'Özkaleli to the work and wished success .
Governor Erdogan however, expressed satisfaction with the visit , noted the important role played by the press today . Press the public duty undertaken Erdogan stated that , \"the press of a society tongue and ears are . That's why the press at the same time public office is undertaking . This too is an important task . Ihlas News Agency as well as all members of the press to our friends served wish you success ,\"he said .

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