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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:01

You Bozüyük District Officer Representative Office Opened

You Bozüyük District Officer Representative Office Opened
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Office clerk President Yusuf Yazgan You currently the biggest problem in public stating that overtime wages"We are producing our friends overtime, the overtime wages of public employees want to take.

Bilecik news: Office Clerk Sen, President Yusuf Yazgan, currently in the public sector the biggest problem of the overtime wages stating that"We overtime producing our friends, public employees overtime to want to take. Bureau Officer you for it as we fight,"he said.
Bilecik Bozüyük Officer from the Office of the President Yusuf You Yazgan, Bozüyük County Delegation attended the opening program. Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Social Security Center Bozüyük President Yazgan, currently the biggest problem in the public sector said that the overtime wages. Yazgan,"We are producing our friends overtime, the overtime wages of public employees want to take. Bureau Officer as you are fighting for it,"he said.
Yusuf Yazgan, office clerk Headquarters as you are increasing rapidly in Turkey, the number of members, number of members currently has reached 53 thousand have said. Yazgan"the whole branch here today 82'inc branch exchange situation. Institutionalization on behalf giant steps we are taking. Monday, president of the branch and bureaucrats friends with the participation of Ankara Tandon services of our building had the opening. Hopefully the supreme teşkilatımıza better provide services destine would. Its beyond the officer about our As in collective bargaining agreement under which materials Public Personnel Advisory Board to evaluate want. Its beyond reconciliation below did not receive materials there new substances and new achievements we want to be. currently in the public sector the major problems overtime wages. know 666 Decree with the public in field officer for our overtime has been removed. So, currently in public officials of 17.00, after doing overtime. Saturday Sunday doing overtime, but it's counterpart, the fee can not receive. For all we know the constitution the drudgery forbidden. Currently, public employees free of charge is being run. For this, 666 out of the new arrangements to be made. these arrangements so with regard to collective bargaining matter in between we printed. Ministry of Justice for the print, but we finance, social security and other of our institutions into it relates to the introduction Dear Ministry of Finance of the Undersecretariat of the positive attitude. because these At the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration path controls unavailable. Feast of public officials in the execution, but the fee was not provided. Instead feast in a day rather weekdays one day be allowed such a legislation exists. We overtime producing our friends, public employees overtime to want to take. office clerk you for it as you are fighting.
credit cards and consumer rights concerning about the bill also made a statement Yazgan, credit cards and loans restrict the advertising at the point of use should be brought, he said. Yusuf Yazgan, said in his statement;
"Nowadays, credit cards and present a draft law on the rights of consumers. Turkey urgently needs to take measures in this regard. How alcohol, drug and if taken measures to interest, credit cards are very serious about consumer rights and measures to be taken. We are informing the public on this issue and the government are warning. With regard to credit card credit card debtors are increasing with each passing day. Consumer credit debt is increasing every day. Speed, speed not pull credit, loans with loans going towards closing cycle. How To Do the alcohol and cigarette advertising is not possible in matters related to credit card limit needs to be brought to the advertisements. Meaning unlimited in this regard because there is a glut of advertising. People who constantly encouraged to use credit cards and credit environment. Regarding this topic, the introduction of a restriction on advertising needs to do. We have reviewed the final version of the bill available. We do not see far enough. This necessarily new regulations introduced and advertising restrictions on the subject should be."
The opening, office clerk Sen, President Yusuf Yazgan Besides, Office Clerk You Provincial Chairman Mustafa Flow, District Representative Ramadan Taylor, the SSI Emine Sahin, Office You Clerk County Board members also attended.

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