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  • 19 Haziran 2015, Cuma 09:34

You find the appropriate eyebrow shape !

You find the appropriate eyebrow shape !
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Our Kas is one of the most striking elements of our face. Wrong eyebrow shape, facial disrupt the balance and does not create a pleasant image. Right eyebrow shape should know that you choose it even easier to face type, you must know your brow structure.

A pen door!

Take a pencil of your nose edge perpendicular Hold. The tip of the pen indicates the point of your eyebrow should start. Eyebrow slope will gain point is the end point of your pupil. The point of your brow should end at the tip of a pencil scratching on your way to taking your Hoes can select a cross.


The miracle of the right eyebrow shape

The format of the ovals on your face, your brow shape is long, your brow line should be slightly rounded. Your eyebrows should extend slightly outward from the eye sockets. Long eyebrows tail prevents your face look overly long. If you long face, thick eyebrows and you can choose horizontal models. Your face is round, you can turn to curved eyebrows, but the lack of such a powerful arc, so that your face should show more rounded. Curved eyebrows, full cheeks and lower eyelids can be noted in women with miracles. If you have a square face, it means you need a bit of roundness. Your eyebrows should soften your face shape. For this, not too thick or long, curved eyebrows format you prefer. If you have a heart shaped face, you can choose a relatively thick and short eyebrows. In the face of this type, you must create the impression that the jaw is wider. Besides, curved and sharp pointy eyebrows show your face. In rectangular face, it is important to soften the line. The queue is not too long, curved round, you can turn to natural-looking eyebrows model. Also, if you have if your face bone or hard words, you can choose again oval.

solid in your eye structure calculations

Kas you queue up down more growth. This kind of eyebrows, you can give a tired or sad expression. Curved eyebrows, as can add charm to your view, can stand more exaggerated. Sharp, triangular arch of, you can show more serious note, or angry. For your eyes appear larger, you can open a bit the initial part of your eyebrow. The brows are very popular in recent years. Such natural eyebrows, emphasizes the eye area. If you make a low eyes, your eyebrows should be higher than the tail; otherwise it will have a sad expression. You can also inflict your eyebrows straight. Your eyes are small, do not turn to sharp curves; to inflict your eyebrows so thick and long. If you are big and round-eyed, you can still use curved eyebrows are thick and soft.

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You find the appropriate eyebrow shape !" comments for.


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