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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:37

-You Office clerk 2.Turkey Great Gathering

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Civil Servants Trade Unions Confederation ( Officer-Sen ) Chairman Ahmet Gundogdu , Diyarbakir state has no understanding of the rotation of the Diyarbakir State, said that the main task of the state .

Antalya news: Photo Office Officer-Sen attending the Meeting 2.Turkey Officer-Sen Chairman Ahmet Gundogdu, \"not understanding the state of Diyarbakir , Trabzon state has , in Diyarbakir is the primary duty of the state had to return to the state. Turks, Kurds, Laz, Circassian , Alevi, get Sunna is the duty of the state to ensure the security of life of all citizens. had 6-7-8 states that cruise in October . we were against the last deep state , we do not want government watching today. we want the State to provide citizen security. East'We will never allow the Kurds who want a solution in Southeast religious consciousness, \"he said. Photo Office Officer-Sen 2. Date of Turkey began in Hotel Kervansaray Kundu in Antalya Aksu township . The meeting Memur-Sen Chairman Ahmet Gundogdu , union chairmen, board members , branch presidents, board members , women's commissions, business representatives and Office Officer-Sen was attended by members . Photo ISRAEL'< strong> IR CONDEMNED Photo Bureau Memur-Sen Chairman Ugur Unal , the Al-Aqsa said the altar by entering up under the dome of the complex soldiers çiğneterek will begin the words of signing up an ugly attack Israel strongly condemned and cursed by . Israel's Masjid-i to remain silent outrageous attack of the Assembly , to confirm the persecution , voicing meant to be a partner in attack Ünalan, \"International institutions, human rights organizations, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and UNESCO, the Masjid al-Aqsa the end of the attack , take action to lift the siege. Israel , with fascist practice , occupation , international law with the attack , all celestial continues to violate the law of religion.common geography of all monotheistic religions in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque for all Muslim partner temple and all humanity's common heritage is , memory is . this is who seek to destroy the memory of Israel , that all of mankind's consciousness of the target , this traitor has once again documented the attack . remaining silent on the genocide of Israel in the Palestinian world , no longer persecuted stop should say, occupation and violations of human rights must end . Office Officer-in You, all the world is Israel's Al-Aqsa Mosque targeted attacks , we urge you to maintain the clear condemnation and the sacred space at the international level , \"he said . the Photo talk \"We temsilcileriyiz a different union mentality \"as ongoing Ünalan, \"unionism understanding serves as a rant against the former union system and pride , we are serving the interests of trade union members and union members temsilcileriyiz new understanding holds in front of everything . Unionism against the former union understanding into an ideological apparatus , we are member opposite that the economic and social rights is concerned no matter who the new union mentality that escape from the struggle temsilcileriyiz \"he said. Seven believed the man as underlined that they aspire to seats for authority and positions Unal said,\"We are the new a trade union approach , we set out to show the whole world. We are civil servants, members of our problems , troubles , solve problems , and we are willing to carry this authority to the relevant authorities . We are not in the love seat . We are all our brothers who have sevdasınd the voice of this case and this case. We trust our friends supporting , with we made and work we do , our projects , we will not negate our gains inşallah.ka my servants and always upright standing for our Organization , by always consult anyone othering , without anyone to the back of the ear to the word of all hands teşkilatımızla , their hearts all together Office Officer-Sen, we advance confidently towards the summit , \"he said.
\" separate EVENTS NOT \"Photo Memur-you in his speech President Ahmet Gundogdu Israeli soldiers Masjid-i Aqsa attacks on Gaza attacks , Travel events 17-25 December events , the 6-7-8 said that there are separate events from each of the massacre of October . Officer-Sen GÜNDOĞDU be noted that they are next to the settlement process , \"these events occur at different places with the same top of mind curling the same package events are put . Why we have included in the solution process. Officer Sen family of state and government as well before starting this project was the most important actors in the solution process. Now in the name of Turkishness is not strange2007'l the year , in the name of nationalism , nationalism on behalf of Ergenekon and energetic approach invites the task forces. Now invite fresh approach to the task force on behalf of the PKK Kurdism . Hodja is a famous Islamic scholars fatwa by Nusrat .'Sir, let's funeral when moving anywhere in the coffin , \"he says when they ask to be in no matter where in the . You also Jitem family KCK Officer of Ergenekon , Isidor is to be at the same distance , \"he said .
\" OUR MISSION TO BE A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE STATE AND NATION \"Photo Gundogdu words he continued:Photo \"for the solution process with Turkey 37 when we started to wander again I went to the deputy head of the other provinces. Our mission was to become a bridge between the state and the nation . My proposal was to bring the concerns of the nation's political parties. We also had our concerns. Martyrdom, flag , democratization, the sine qua non of the indivisibility of our homeland. Yesterday he wanted to be in a deep state of alienation since that sections . Alevis, veiled women , conservatives Kurds, the Kurds were equal citizenship conservative you name the other two times . A considerable distance , such as the recent democratization steps were covered headscarf freedom in public . While fucking Turkishness on behalf of the exclusion of Jitem deep state of Kurds , the Kurds conservatives are claiming to protect the rights called on the death of the Kurdish 16-year-old victim meat takes Yassin slaughtering has put dynamite into Turkish and Kurdish brotherhood . \"Photo \" ALL PROVIDE cITIZENS of LIFE SAFETY is the state's duty \"Photo \"in Diyarbakir state no understanding of Trabzon in the state are in Diyarbakır is the primary duty of the state to return to have the state , \"said GÜNDOĞDU , \"Turks, Kurds, Laz, Circassian Alevi , Sunni ensure you get is the state's duty to protect lives of all citizens . 6-7-8 had characterized the state in October . Yesterday we were against the deep state , we do not want government watching today. We want the State to provide citizen security. Who want a solution in the Southeast in the Eastern religious Kurds humiliation to never do not allow , \"he said .
\" HUMANITY WILL of SHAME \"Photo millions GÜNDOĞDU noted that oppressed viewed in Turkey, \"Something's gold we want to draw . How the oppressed and our brothers and sisters who came from Aleppo Kobani'yi coming from our so oppressed and brother . Nor more neither less . Tal Afar Turkmens have come and we have oppressed Arakan is our brother , our brothers in Palestine victim at the same rate . Racism disease caught Arab , Turkish, oppressed with the concept we create concepts such as ourselves , Kurdish or terrorist organizations near and far would be the loss of humanity of this Ummah. In the Middle East as long as the war continued in this region laments Turkish , Kurdish , Arabic and Hebrew will be zılgıt laughter will be in English. Masjid-i-Aqsa is the nation's honor. Must be cleaned of all evil . Synagogue , church, respect for waiting the same respect does not understand the faith does not show the Masjid al-Aqsa no respect for the value is , \"he said .
ORPHAN HIGHLIGHT We know that the orphans on the Photo 400 million he GÜNDOĞDU , \"You see, I have this stand, orphans, the mafia will be involved in prostitution and organ mafia gang . Power may be an orphaned brother-contained , each of our brothers. Owning to 90 pounds per month orphans inside and outside . I care about this project, \"he said. Referring to the issue of youth and women's organizations Photo GÜNDOĞDU , \"organization is to act together. Terror to those who yanaşmalık organizations, home to those who Ergenekon , which we do not need to approach the PKK. We will continue our way through the trouble of bothering with those folks. We Whatever . We stopped to get a certain place , we get a certain walk , we want to take the path that is common with this passion , \"he said . After the Photo Talk Gündoğdu'nun , the Bureau was given a plaque by the General Officer-Sen Chairman Ugur Ünalan.

-You Office clerk 2.Turkey Great Gathering" comments for.


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