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You're Not Home Affairs Hernia

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Hernia in women stated that the cause of the household chores , physical therapy and manipulation expert Dr.

Hernia in women stated that the cause of the household chores , physical therapy and manipulation expert Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl , heavy rugs to shake , vacuum cleaners and waist strenuous movements to do for a long time without rest ironing on the spine of some deformations cause , he said.
Housework while we must be careful , indicating that Dr. Alice in Şahabettinoğl , told them how to protect themselves . Housewives on the kitchen counter while trying their hands on the counter put a more hands to do their jobs stated that the Şahabettinoğl , \"the long-term iron instead of making a few shirts irons after sitting break your health very important . Women at the table trying to do an elbow on the table by resting do business because you need up to the hips extending the spine , our vertebrae called bones and connecting them drive consists of . place body weight maximum which is the place. Any difficulty with the middle of the core and it protects the capsule consisting disc is torn . kernel texture in a row , the channel towards the herniated If the pressure on the nerves makes and hernia occurs , \"he spoke .
ie manual physical therapy , including manipulation , particularly back and neck hernia Exp saying that physical therapy has better results . Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl , \"the waist and neck hernia 98 percent of the surgical hand treated and cured. Waist pain leg shoots if a herniated disc , neck pain, arm your-hands hit if the neck hernia probability is very high ,\"he said .
Manipulation in the treatment of the diseased area on the number of suppression , rotating, stretching and stretching maneuvers such as implementation of voicing Exp . Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl any side effects or drug administered without the need for conventional western medicine treatment of this method is added .

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