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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:07

You Şahan Allegedly killed his pregnant wife Trial Begins

You Şahan Allegedly killed his pregnant wife Trial Begins
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8-month pregnant wife, 4 year old little girl in front of her eyes began the trial of the alleged killing of Semih O. beating .

Manisa news: Photo 8 months pregnant wife on May 17, Semih O . allegedly beaten to death by the trial that began O. Burcu . Manisa 1st High Criminal Court accused Semih O in the first hearing of the case at . , \"I do wish I had my goal to kill would not say \"he defended himself saying .
Sign O.'s father Solomon Akyol, mother Esra Akyol, Women'll Stop the Killings Platform and Manisa Bar Association Women's Rights Commission of its request to intervene in the proceedings was only accepted by the Zodiac O.'s mother and father at the request of court . Photo Manisa 1. In the case of the first trial in the Assize court accused Semih Ç., dominated , \"car I brought myself to put the hospital . My child cry , I'm afraid he will be something my child . I did not know that my wife died . I would've done if I had to kill my goal , \"he said .
after CBI of listening to the witnesses in the receipt and the case of emergency contact name last Semih O .'s uncle Riza O.'s the case for the rest it was decided to be postponed to 27 January 2015, respectively.
case HDPE Provincial President Abdurrahman Aras, Women'll Stop the Killings Platform Manisa Provincial Representative Semih Hasgör and members, Manisa Bar Association Women's Rights Commission, CHP District women's Branch , Burcu Akyol O. Solomon's father and mother Esra Akyol also attended. Photo Esra Burcu Akyol O.'s mother was forced to stand before the first hearing. Akyol, \"We believe in justice. We stand by the end of our child , we will fight until the end. All we want is we do not have any other request to take his punishment. We want to stay with us our granddaughter ,\"said the Photo Spicy father Solomon Akyol, \"They're trying to give look like an accident . The first expression of always try to work out. they're trying to complete lies gloss over . We want to stay with us in our life imprisonment receiving and grandson . We have no other desire . you take him penalty we regrow our de Bastion, \"he said. Photo Greens and the Left Head of Future Party Provincial Sayit in a statement after Taycan case , 22 years old 4 years old and 8 months pregnant with a daughter's husband Sign Semih O. O . noting that by 4-year-old was beaten to death before his eyes the little girl, \"We are here to Sign our brother justice. will pursue until the end of this case ,\"he said .
the incident on May 17 Semih Ç. , said they had an accident on the road husband Sign O simply use the Manisa Celal Bayar University Hospital had brought his own car . Zodiac O. pair of little girl's family upon arriving at the hospital Ecrin grain'My father killed my mother,'he went on to reveal the actual pain . Zodiac Ç., Manisa Celal Bayar University Hospital, gave his life in the womb as the war was lost for 16 days with 8-month-old baby .

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