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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:24

Young Europeans visiting the Governor Demirtas

Young Europeans visiting the Governor Demirtas
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Silkroad prepared by the Youth and Cultural Association and supported by the National Agency for the Youth Exchange Program'Village City is Born'with projects from young Europeans Visited Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas authorities.

Adıyaman news: Photo Project scope Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and Italy from Adiyaman youth group of 30 people , visiting historical and touristic places of Adiyaman , Turkey will have the opportunity to get to know the culture and the province.
who are delighted with the visit of young people from various European countries Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, European youth attests the history, culture , geography, gave information about the economic and social structure. Photo Governor Demirtas, Adiyaman Anatolia's oldest settlements that one of the units and the historical process within the many civilizations that made ​​the home to the fascinating ruins , said:\"Adiyaman, owned is the almost open-air museum with historic importance such as cultural assets of over 200 . in short, Adiyaman, everyone is a province must come to be seen . You can also we are pleased to see our city . our youth develop the dialogue between cultures with these projects , our country is a chance to see closely the hospitality of the people. \"Photo Adiyaman is a very hot encounter but voicing live European youth , \"This project with Turkey and we had the opportunity to get to know the city of Adiyaman . We are very pleased to be in the Adiyaman . We were amazed at the hospitality with close interest and attention of Adiyaman people, \"they said.
Young Europeans , various gifts they brought from their country because of the close attention and concern they showed the governor presented their Mahmoud Demirtas in . Europeans after his visit to the Photo Governorship Authority young , Adiyaman's history and moved to Mount Nemrut to see the sights . Photo ( AHM-VSA-Y) Photo .


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