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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:09

Young girl running away from home the car died under

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1 week ago in the district of Tekirdağ Ergene runaway young girl crossing the road in front of a car died after being struck .

Tekirdağ news:
accident Ergene county Republican district occurred on Ring Road . Allegedly, Istanbul to Edirne direction from the direction of the outgoing message Hussein . administered 34 BK 7996 plate car, wanting to cross the road instead of the overpass was hit by Gokce Aydınmış . Young girl dragged several meters by the impact , died at the scene . Freedom and Yeşiltepe separating spaces in the accident that occurred on Ring Road Aydınmış unable to determine the identity of the police teams , two district headmen calling the received information. The young girl's body , after his review of the public prosecutor of the State Hospital morgue for autopsy Corlu has been removed. Private car driver Hussein . detained , in the car are a person suffered a nervous breakdown as 112 medical teams by the State Hospital has been removed.
A week ago runaway
Ergene County Police Department teams, their research Gokce Aydınmış 1 week ago Cerkezkoy is missing and his family in the district police to determine whether the application was lost . Closed to traffic for a period of time due to an accident Çorlu-Edirne way , after the removal of the vehicle from the road opened to traffic .
Investigation into the accident continues.

Young girl running away from home the car died under" comments for.


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