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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 13:39

Young people at the heart of the city to the invention

Young people at the heart of the city to the invention
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Mosques and Religious Officials began weeks .

Manisa news: Week this year's motto is'Do not be late stay young', while during the week will be held with various activities of young people to the mosque will be encouraged .
Mosques and Religious Assistants Week activities on the Manisa Province Mufti a press conference Mufti Sinan Jahan, the mosque Week this year's main theme mosque and youth , he said .'Heart of the city meet'and'late stay young'slogans this year's activities, young people tend noted that the Mufti Jahan, \"Mosques and Religious Officers Week in 2011'Mosque and Children'in 2012,'the mosque and the Disabled'in 2013,'the mosque Women and Family'main theme in the axis of events and celebrated this year'Church and Youth'theme to be processed . these issues public awareness has been created , \"he said .
Week activities of NGO Youth Wing members meeting starts with explaining Manisa Mufti Sinan Cihan, \"14 in October (tomorrow) university students and a meeting will be held . Oct. 15 at Cultural Complex Tulips in the hall at 20.30 Mosque and our on Youth held a panel discussion . panels Aydin Mufti Omar Kocaoğul and Denizli Mufti Veysel Knife attend. Oct. 16 in the Anatolian girl Imam and Preacher High School at 10:00 Usak University Lecturer Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Gideon and Istanbul chief minister Fatma Bayram participate'in the modern world youth , religion and values ​​'named conference will be held . Our second conference on the same subject Muradian of Celal Bayar University campus in KJC Girls Dormitory Day will be given by Fatma at 19:30 . Butler University Assistant Lecturer in the third conference . Assoc. Dr. Ayse by Gideon Girls Dormitory at 19.30 Hz in Laleli KJC . Prophet period will be processed on Youth and Masjid Relations . Hatuniye on October 17 at 11:30 am in the mosque and the mosque community chaplains who died dedicated to the history of Mawlid-i-Sharif hatims prayer to be read by reading . 10:00 to 18:00 hours the same day, in the garden of the mosque Hatuniye Red Crescent Blood Donation Campaign will be held , \"he said .

Young people at the heart of the city to the invention" comments for.


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