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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:26

Young people , have a Role Model

Young people , have a Role Model
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Akkus under the difficult conditions of education in various parts of Turkey and the people important points , the value of Cultivated from Akkus akkuşlu met with the students in the program .

Ordu news:
open the horizons of the students and their interest in the program carried out in the sense of being a role model was intense. Akkus Wedding Hall conducted the program , Akkus Governor Atila Huseyin , Akkus Mayor of Jesus as seen in the value of the blacksmith and Akkus Selami Sahinbey Governor Aydın Ayhan Curebal Chief Advisor to the Ministry of Justice , Prof. Kamil Pine, Prof. Kazim villagers , Assoc Ilhan Eroglu, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Saplings, Zonguldak Akkuşlu Association President Recep Rural , ATKATD President Erol Coskun, teachers, students and parents attended.
Program opening speech Akkus Mayor Jesus Blacksmith student participants to listen to the sample wanted to take . Students expectations expressed blacksmith, said:\"Here Akkuş harsh climate grew up in , Akkus grew up in our country in different places , serving our country who serve valuable bureaucrats have . Future they will be an example that the bureaucrats of our students meet with our conference we have . Akkuş trained values ​​are only found here with our friends not limited to , because of their work can not come many values ​​we have . We are here for you to read and to specific places from the people we are connecting . County of underprivileged difficult conditions of life in the struggle are giving . our children to read no other choice , so our children when scanning their model we should choose a program that purpose . bureaucrats our students come here as a result of our conversations will draw a path to them , that our expectation . \"
students to be role models , respectively, presenters, speakers worked on . The first speech of Prof. Ahmet Saplings, \"School year my what I do anlamlan killed, antennas always was open , curious I became . Your antenna will be open , inquisitive , you will going to be about our country temper the annealed , opportunities to hunt down and around higher places will be . \"
In the faculty reading magazines national editorials in newspapers start writing explaining Saplings, said:\"Graduates that I am more in the first year published humor book, Turkey's top sellers among the entered. these interests, patience , curiosity, persistence and willpower is happening . Both complacency customers both your brow with your is going on . forehead from your sweat dropped your soul to the soil to approach . most importantly, somewhere after arriving , wheat ears be like after it does not mean anything . Sciences grows modesty should increase . Tomorrow someday somewhere will come your soul to the ground proximity having your land sake you have then of you not around your There is a logic .'ll tell you the first thing I tell everyone as work, work , work . I need to work hard , study these things from happening. But you need to remember two things while working . First you will trust yourself . Akkus is merde people , is clever . Secondly, you'll be a believer , your destination will be , will be persistent . I always wanted to be a doctor . I just finished high school in Istanbul, wrote faculties of medicine and became a doctor . Then I said I would be at a university teacher . So you decide you make a decision to go after it . You will work , you will go after your goals , you will be faithful and will insist . Opposite them, no power can stand . \"
Sahinbey Governor Selami Aydin , Akkus , over the years the conditions , climatic conditions and the other for other reasons, some issues lagging stating that continued as follows:\"We said , Akkus , at least if we go there we meet with the students . Akkuşlu talk with students and parents , not lost the hope of Akkus . While living in this land of mist to remain pessimistic . This environment can sustain joining thought, how our psychology . We may have started as an example , at the start , thank goodness we're good . Day by day more and more crowded , and this wave gradually expanding . \"
Akkus Governor Huseyin Atila , the Akkus than a small town read stating finished by saying:\"The first , middle and high school I was born where I completed college in the same place win in Istanbul I'm one goes . When you go to the University of Istanbul in 120 people asked questions by first our teacher'Anatolian high schools, science high school , etc. Of the graduates of the schools from which there'was. We are only 5 people did not raise your hand , while the others , our teacher , our hands have a strong lift . Tomorrow is a day at the university in a nice platform you definitely feel that you're alone . Raise your hand if you have less people around you like you , remove your hand proudly . Because such a small place is not easy to come to places like that . \"
Refreshments after the program has ended .


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