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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:06

Young people will design their own game

Young people will design their own game
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Young , Izmir University of Economics ( IUE ) Computer Games Software Engineering with the support of Option Program to create their own computer games .

İzmir news: High school and college 50 young people prepared for \"Play the dream \"in the project , it was designed how the youth game for 10 weeks , programmable he will discover that publication. Participants in the training will be held as Photo Free , you will learn with practice games they want to see in their dreams. Photo Last the event participants also application may be made on November 12 , İzmir University of Economics simultaneously in the whole world by the Global Gam Jam made ​​from game development competition will take place every year . Training , IUE Software Engineering Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Güneri Yasar Sahin, lecturer Assoc . Dr. Lung Hussein , Asst . Assoc. Dr. Gazih the Alankuş , Asst. Assoc. Dr. Light Ibrahim Anderson , Lecturer . See . Rock Music Consultant will be given by Oguz and IUE Alaska Abbasov . Speaking about IUE Photo Project Head of Software Engineering Department Dr. Yasar Güneri Sahin, training only to individuals who play the game until the moment how the design of this game, programmed it , released it and said they wanted to transfer that value to the converted .
\" ALL WORK TEAMS HAVE \"Photo Prof. Dr. Sahin, hayalinioyn project with young people just playing games is not that the economic benefits converted stated purpose is to create a social awareness to said:Photo \"Our participants , making simple but playability value to be made to hedefliyoruz.ocak 2015, the creation of teams can develop high games internationally renowned a game development with Global Game is scheduled in the formation of the team that will ensure success in the Jamma . creating a game scenario, visual effects, planning, game music, editing , character and animation drawings, programming games on the computer , to test the game , the game will be in the publishing and distribution processes in the field . 15 training will begin in November and will be held at the Izmir University of Economics Laboratory Computer Games . \"

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